What are the Advantages of Studying Abroad?

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Studying abroad is something that everyone should consider at one point in their life. It is what I plan to do hopefully if everything goes right with transferring oversees. Studying abroad is going to teach a person a lot it will make an individual endure hardship and handle bigger responsibilities than ever.

Why should you study abroad you might ask yourself? What are the advantages of doing so? The one thing most of us will care about is how will studying abroad help me with my career is it going to make a difference in terms of helping come close to better opportunities? The answer is simply yes, it will look good in your CV that you have experienced living internationally, and “employers are usually going to admire that because that tells them that you have had experienced Dealing with people from a completely different culture, meaning that you have a higher level of adaption.” (Aldrich) If you are a person that was able to explore a new country and at the same time pick up the skills, you will definitely be of good use in the workforce.

If your studying abroad, “one of the biggest draws is you are going to learn a foreign language and master it become really fluent in it being bilingual which will also definitely open up doors for you.” (Rodgers) Say you decided to study in Paris and you become fluent in French one day you can be the business advisor of the company your working for those who need assistance with a French speaker. If you are still having second thoughts about studying abroad you should know that whenever you move to a new environment it will always offers many new activities and interests that were not available to you, imagine moving to a city surrounded by mountains and ski resorts you can finally go hiking, skiing, and even snowmobiling!

And what I feel is the most important thing is that you’re going to have another home. You will build up relations you’re going to meet a lot of people and learn their culture in a way you are going to blend with them and become one of them become more acceptable of others and trying to understand their customs and traditions. (Toews) All of that is going to make you more mature and an adult.

What hardships you might face? You’re going to be on your own! It is going to be difficult the first few months as you are going to be in a foreign destination and perhaps you have never lived alone before but of course you can solve that try to reach out and form relationships with your peers or ask faculty for advices, join a club or volunteer organization , and try to stay in touch with your family and friends that are back home facetime them or text it can help.

Studying abroad is expensive it’s really expensive So, make sure you start preparing for it by planning early and securing a scholarship that will help with your tuition costs. Create a budget and save money in advance that you are going to use for expenses such as rent. It’s nothing like home.

It might be a onetime life opportunity so take it now, because you will regret it later in your life if you didn’t take it. Especially in the future it might be harder on some of us some of us are going to be occupied with other things such as family matters or you just might be older and not have the same interest as when you were younger to study abroad.


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