Benefits to Studying Abroad

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Approximately 60% of people who travel studying abroad gain benefits in many ways . Study abroad allows a student to live in a different country and attend a different university. Studying abroad is growing fast among students.

Studying abroad began catching eyes since 90’s. Studying abroad gives a well experience and let the students feels with freedom and act in a spontaneous way .Some people believe that studying abroad is beneficial due to social , psychological ,and economically , while other believe that studying abroad may cause harm on people’s life because of financially and health issue.

Initially, studying abroad affects people in several ways one of those ways is social conditions. Studying abroad gives you a chance to see the world. It is a perfect combination of learning and travelling. One of the best parts about studying abroad is the skill you gain , because you can use them both in your job life and personal life . Studying abroad helps to improve people’s communication with their families and friends. Also, it helps people to learn a new language in order to know how to communicate with different people.

Also, it enhance people’s problem solving thinking. Being independent person in a different country help the person to think wisely and how to found solutions for any problem. Studying abroad gives people more courage in their life.

Also, studying abroad help people to know the right decisions to take for their future life. In the article entitled ” why you should study abroad more than once ” Rebekah glebe state that every student students who already had experience living away from home have admitted that studying abroad made them feel more free and independent in his own life.

Secondly, studying abroad can lead to psychological conditions. Studying abroad can enhance people self-awareness. Studying abroad helps you improve your self-awareness, too, as you examine your own beliefs and practices in the face of diversity. You can see different people around you, noticing problems you were unaware of and finding new habits thing to be passionate about.

This level of self-awareness encourages you to become a kinder and good person. Also, studying abroad enhance people self-reliance. You will have to learn how to guide your problems, ask strangers for help, and make decisions in any type of situations. However, you will be more flexible and happy in your life.

Studying in a different country forces you to be more flexible because you meet new people, to new places and to new culture. The most important factor , that many students find that studying abroad helps them to focus on their study goals however it improve people’s goal . Studying abroad is a huge commitment, it can be expensive but it will help you to make you reach your goals easily and be a successful person.

Thirdly, study abroad improve employment opportunities. Studying abroad helps people to think more wisely and mature enough in their personal life or their job life . Through managers eyes, a student who has studied abroad is self-motivated and independent. Moreover, study abroad reflects positively on continue and increases the chance of employment with international and multinational companies. So , these kinds of students have greater chances getting a good career than a normal students that study in their country.

As well as experience of living and studying in different country, communicate others cultures and able to speak a new language in a perfect way. So this give a higher possibility of working in a good company. Studying abroad could transform your life to a better life because it strengthens your life academic abilities and your character .

Also, studying abroad is a great way to strengthen your communication and study skills. Studying Abroad helps people to live in a spontaneous way. Study abroad improve employment opportunities that are by the value of education and believed company to broad the chances to get a good job.

On the other hand , some people believe that studying abroad is a harm thing for people’s life due to financially and health issue. Many people think that studying abroad is too expensive and also think that is not fair that other students travel and get an great employment opportunities than the other , while other families can’t afford to pay all this money for their children because studying abroad is very expensive thing.

A lot of expenses like travel expenses , room and their meals , books and supplies , transportation , and tuition. Also , Other home country health plans provide no international coverage at all, meaning you could be lonely and you have to be responsible for paying your own expenses , get medicine and take care of yourself . However, You may be experiencing certain levels of independence for the very first time. Perhaps you’ve never lived on your own or traveled outside of your home country.

To conclude , Studying broad have many positive effects on people in their social , psychological ,and economically. While other believe that it has a negative effect on people’s life because of their health insurance and it is to expensive for some families and they see that this is not fair for their children’s a life. study abroad has many benefits. First benefits are gain great experiences.

Students gain and learn new things while in abroad about their lifestyle and social. Second, provides the opportunity to travel alone. They can learn more as the students travel around to gain more information and know everything about this country.

Then, improve students personal skills by a adapt the situation and slowly to deal with the social life in different country. I reckon that studying Abroad have many positive effects on people for several reasons and this will help people to be more responsible , know how to cope with any situations , and be more independent and mature enough in his own life.


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