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My Future Career of Financial Advisor

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While searching through professions related to business majors, one particular career was repeatedly appearing on the web. A career that represents much of what comes to mind when thinking of finance majors. On December 12th 1969, thirteen individuals met at the Chicago O’Hare Airport to discuss the formation of a new occupation. Loren Dunton summoned…

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Career Ready Program for Students

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Many community college and university campuses across the nation and globe have incorporated career development centers into their student affairs resource offerings. This resource, although beneficial for students, does not always supply them with the greater needs of employers and organizations in the current job market. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (2018) listed…

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Why I Want to Develop a Career in Economics Stems

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Reading the Financial Times and The Economist from different authors around the world may you comprehend the vital role financial and economic experts play in shaping the global economy or institutions and the future direction it will take. You may be interested in building a wide-range foundation of knowledge in areas including risk management, derivatives,…

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10 Best Work from Home Careers

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If you think setting up natural human resources like water, electricity, and more, is impossible for you, then you may feel that the money needed to live a life is costlier than anything. With rent, food, energy and other costs with taxes on rise, many of us can have a very less extra money. Even…

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The Pros and Cons of a Career in Pediatrics

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Goals Paper My career goal in Iife is not simple. When I dream, I dream big. My goal in life for my career is to become a pediatrician. I chose this career because it combines my two passions of children and helping people. The bonus is that it pays very well. Pediatrics is a career…

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Orchestral Musician Career

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Classical Music

Imagine going on stage in front of thousands of people to play a sold out show. This sounds like something that Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Post Malone, or other famous musicians do regularly, but most people do not know that this is also regular for some of the top orchestral musicians in the world. Orchestral musicians…

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Career Change

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When one chooses a career they aren’t suited for—they often find themselves frustrated with their work. Dissatisfaction in one’s job can lead to stress and anxiety at work, which impairs cognitive ability. There have been multiple studies that found a correlation between job satisfaction and level of stress, with higher productivity being linked to lower…

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My Interests to Culinarian Career

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What is culinary arts? Culinary arts is a prominent part of American history and culture – not to mention an important and exciting career around the world. When you think about what is culinary arts, you should think of the things you love to eat. If you are a culinarian (or chef) then you can…

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Future Career of Programming and Game Design

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Video Games

Programming & game design is a cool job because one gets to work on game’s and gets paid for doing so. Programming & game Design is a big industry in today’s working force. Games are made for all ages and can range from kids games to adult only games. Games are made for the players…

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Career Development Process

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A career development process is usually a win for both employees and managers. This process majorly aims at the growth and development for the workforces and the help the company may offer to ensure that the workers have the chance to grow their careers (Hosmer, 2015). Additionally, the employees will also be able to develop…

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In the conventional sense, a career is moving up the corporate ladder in the corporate hierarchy of a company. This classical definition is considered to be almost the only correct vector of development. In fact, there are three types of careers: vertical, horizontal, and entrepreneurial. The development of each of them requires a unique set of personal and professional qualities, individual motivation.

A vertical career is a career growth from a specialist to a manager, where administrative and managerial skills play a greater role. But not everyone wants to take the managerial chair, have other people subordinate and be responsible for them.

A horizontal career is an expert one. Here a person develops skills, expands functionality, builds up expertise on a specific topic, and becomes a highly specialized specialist of the highest level.


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