Rules in Business Communication

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There are numerous methods of communication which we use in our business for communicating purpose. It does not matter if we are doing conversation face to face, by phone or through email each interaction needs to be professional.

We would like to describe how to handle a situation of cancelling business lunch appointment at the last minute. We have different alternatives to handle this situation, but we would like to prefer telephone call to cancel lunch appointment. This communication mode is more convenient for this situation. In the following paragraph we would explain how this way is appropriate than others.

Telephone Call

It is popular and growing phenomenon. In this method of communication message convey by the sender to the receiver through the phone call. It can be informal when we call to a friend or relatives. Also, it can be formal, when we make a call to an office.

Reasons for Choosing This Method

Easy and quick to use: Telephone is really very easy to use as well as fast mode of communication as through this we can immediately make a call to client and tell all the matter of cancellation of lunch appointment.

Get immediate feedback: In telephone call we can get immediate response from the receiver as we will not have to wait for long time to get feedback. Also, it reduces stress by communicating directly.

Less chances of misunderstanding: Phone call usually provide more clarity. Texting someone might be impersonal and chances of arising conflicts is also there, but it become easy to make understand others by using phone call.

More personal touch: If we will cancel a lunch appointment on phone then it adds a personal and informative touch with your clients. A call reveals that you are taking your clients seriously and value their time.

Reschedule at same time: Taking with person through phone we can also reschedule at the same time.


It is electronic mail commonly called email or e-mail. It is method of communication of exchanging (“mail”) between people using electronic devices. We think that this way of communication is not suitable for handling this situation. we would explain reasons behind this in the following points.


Time consuming: It is a time-consuming process. So, if we want to cancel lunch appointment at last moment then it will take vast time to sending, reading and responding to email.

Emotionless: Email is an emotionless process as compare to other methods. Sometimes it became difficult for reader to understand the emotions of the sender because email recipients cannot see each other and no tone of voice.

Overloaded information: In modern world there is a huge data moving around by email. Because, it is very easy way to sending message. Therefore, without opening the mail it is very difficult to recognise important mail. So according to this situation, mail will be missed by invitees.

Spam: Sometimes important emails goes into spam folder which leads to problem as message does not send to the person on time.

Face to Face Communication

Face to face communication can be described as communication when the communicator transmits verbally and nonverbally his/her message to the receiver. This way of communication is not good for this situation.

Reasons for rejecting

Travel issues: After analysis the situation we have no time to meet the invitees and do face to face conversation with them. So, this method could not be possible because of travel issues. If we went to cancel lunch appointment through face to face communication, then we will have needed a time for cancellation, but this situation is based on last minute.

Inconvenient: It will be inconvenient to cancel lunch meeting with face to face communication because it will be waste of time to meet the person just for cancellation.


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