Overwhelming Population in China

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Being one of the fastest-growing economies, China also has to face controversial issues daily due to the overwhelming population.

China is known to be the largest contributor to the economy due to its large exports to other countries and it’s huge trade market. However, it is still considered as a developing country because of the overlapping issues like overpopulation, cheap and child labor and extreme pollution. Overpopulation leads to global warming, scarcity and unemployment. Followed by cheap labor which is caused by overpopulation, leading us to believe that the problems in China are connected. Many employees suffer from mental illnesses like depression or stress because of the toxic, dangerous and hazardous conditions in multinational companies who take advantage of cheap but good labor.

Other than cheap labor, the controversy of child labor still continues to arise and worsens as children are now illegally serving as servants, child beggars or prostitutes. Meanwhile, Other 13-year-old children are having the time of their life enjoying childhood, Children who come from the rural areas of China are slaving their lives away. In late 2013, The pollution in China was at its worst causing 350,000 – 500,000 people to die since it may lead to cardiac-arrest, unfortunate lung diseases and many uncommon illnesses caused by the unclean air.

One of China’s major goals is to end poverty. Measures have been done to reach this goal. This includes implementing strategies for poverty alleviation and relief and also an implementation of aims by the 13th Five-Year Plan that has shown good progress. China has improved its accounting systems and policy, increased through multiple channels and the ability of blood making and blood transfusion, social security coverage has expanded and social floors security has been intensified. Policy systems and operation mechanisms for social relief have been implemented, covering urban and rural areas while providing a guarantee to the lives of the needy. Social mobilization has been boosted and the momentum of coordinated participation has taken shape among all the fabrics of society. Poverty alleviations have been shared by China among other countries and the global cooperation on poverty alleviation has been intensified.

To overcome China’s issues, the Chinese government have implemented the one-child policy to reduce overpopulation and even installing a “Thirteenth 5-year plan” to reduce pollution and issued regulations on the ban of employment of underage workers. Suggestions to eliminate these issues are for the government to implement “bans on abortion” policy to save the lives of the babies that died as a result of “one child policy”, encourage the use of renewable energy instead of coal, ensures that children receive high level of education and improve its enforcement mechanism on the ban of underage workers.

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