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Human Rights Day

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Human rights

United Nations

When it comes to happiness and joys of life, the most cherished emotion is of freedom and independence. Freedom is an expression what is rightful entitlements of every individual. These entitlements are postulated in the various basic human rights that every man or woman is guaranteed. Human Rights Day is celebrated to reinforce global efforts…

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Speech on Human Rights Argumentative Essay

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Human rights

Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, and students. I chose to talk about the topic of Human Rights as it holds great significance in our lives, especially in today’s time as abuse of human beings is increasing day by day. To ensure a fair and just society, it is extremely important or people to have rights and…

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Human Rights Violation

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Human rights

Human rights are the rights that each individual is entitled to possess regardless of their caste, creed, and color. These human rights include right to live free from all types of discrimination, the right to respect, equality and the right to have property etc. The rights of all humans are protected by law through customary…

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The Philippine Constitution and Human Rights to Health

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Human rights


The Philippine Constitution of 1987 guarantees fundamental human rights to health. The health care system in the Philippines is generally fine, especially that there are upcoming significant reforms related to it. An example of which are as follows: universal and sustainable PhilHealth membership (Filipinos are automatically members now). 20th of February this year, the president…

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Born Free and Equal

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Civil Rights


Human rights


Social justice is one of those flexible terms whose definition is not easy. It all starts with the assumption that in a society people must be equal in an institutional and value system that can include more and more people. Subsequently, individual freedoms, endowed with the freedoms given from the government, include civil and political…

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Human Rights Abuse in Venezuela

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Human rights


Venezuela democracy endure two sensational difficulties in 1992. Military agitators twice endeavored to overthrow the government, on February 4 and again on November 27. Both uprising were immediately subdued by loyalist forces. Repercussions of the endeavors wait on, however, and cast a suspicion shadow over the nation. The probability of another uprising perseveres, prove by…

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Human Rights and Identity

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Human rights


In my opinion, human rights are all about the rights of every human being in this world. Every person who are breathing deserve their rights or simply we can say as their freedom whether freedom of speech, freedom of education or many more. In addition, human rights are the fundamental rights and freedoms of every…

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Is Human Rights Universality an Attainable Goal

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Human rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights constitutes a beacon for promulgating human rights. Although the name itself suggests its universal application, this is not always the case. Nevertheless, human rights are innate in human nature, are ingrained in our core and thus, they should be savored by every individual. This notion has been veiled with…

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The History Of Human Rights

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Human rights

Introduction Human rights, as we know it today, took a while to become what they are today. At first, only a few lucky people had rights. However, through the hard work, struggle and sacrifice of brave individuals, many more people have basic human rights. What Human Rights Are By definition, human rights are freedoms that…

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Drugs and Human Rights

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Human rights

This essay will not confirm or deny its concern to the use of drugs by anyone who wishes to do so; However, it will endeavour in elaborate an argument that compares different alternatives, which could possibly introduce a more fruitful way to deal with the violation of human rights of individuals, arising from drugs influence;…

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Human rights are what, according to moral norms, everyone is endowed simply by fact that he is a human being. In order to achieve the realization of our rights, we turn, as a rule, to our own government from the standpoint of morality: this cannot be done because this is an invasion of the sphere of my morality and an insult to my personal dignity. No one, not a person, not a government, can ever take our human rights away from us.

Where did they come from?

They arose because a person, in addition to physical, also has a spiritual essence. Human rights are needed to protect and preserve the humanity of everyone, to ensure that everyone has a decent life – the life that a person deserves.

Why should someone respect them?

Human essence, first of all, includes a moral component. Most people, if pointed out to them that they are infringing upon someone’s personal dignity, will try not to do so. As a rule, people do not want to hurt others. However, now, in addition to the moral sanctions of one’s own or someone else’s conscience, in most countries of the world, there are laws that oblige governments to respect the fundamental rights of their citizens, even if they may not want to.


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