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Brief about China and Its Compare to the United States

Population and Living Quarters Geography and Location China is located along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean in Southeast Asia. After Russia and Canada, China is the world’s third largest country with a population above 1.386 billion. Shaped like a rooster on the map with an area of 9.6 million square kilometers and a coastline…


United States

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China after Mao Zedong Death

China is known as one of the most powerful countries in the world. With having the largest population in the world and producing rapid economic growth, China’s Communist nation is a powerhouse while at the same time being very isolated. Yet, this doesn’t necessarily look as good as it may sound. When Mao Zedong came…




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4 Things to Know Before Visiting China

China has rapidly emerged on top in recent years, shattering the preconceived notion that many people had about it as being behind the rest of the world. Tourism to China has continued to grow strong over the last decade with no signs of slowing down. If you’ve wanted to see China, there really is no…



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3 Best Sights to See in China

Since China is such a large country, it only makes sense that it has tons of landmarks to visit from end to end. But realistically, it’s difficult for even those living in China to see them all. For visitors, it’s best to pick and choose from the best sights and add them to your itinerary….



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Is Confucius’ Original Teaching Philosophy or Religion?

It’s a difficult question to answer really. A simple answer is that Confucianism is a philosophy, but the truth is much more complicated. Confucianism should be considered a philosophy because it was originally a teaching about how a nation should be governed envisioned by Confucius himself. Also, almost all of Confucius’ original teachings wereis about…




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Ancient Chinese Torture Lingchi

As the blood of the Chinese shed by men of other lands, the Chinese shed their own blood and threw lives away with the belief of a better future. This technique first was exercised in the Qin Dynasty and was passed down, dynasty to dynasty, until the Qing Dynasty. Lingchi, commonly known as Death by…



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The Assessment of Confucius on the Legacy of Mao Zedong

Kong Qui alias K’ung Fu-tzu was a Chinese philosopher, teacher, and political stature. Confucius played a significant role in shaping not only the social, economic, and political life of China, but as well as of the world. The teachings of Confucius are preserved in the Analects and promote social cohesion amid people whilst creating ethical…




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Can China Rise Peacefully?

Introduction At the beginning of the research I want to talk about china, peace and relation between China and America. First, peace is very important to all the world. Explain the democracies are less likely to individual crisis: democracies are less likely to involve crisis when crisis involved a larger proportion of the democracies .Chan…



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Trade War

Introduction Of late, International news has announced about the unending trade war among China and US that is going on and is getting honed. Amadeo (2018) clarified that trade war is the financial clash when one country began to set the tariffs or portion on the imports product(s) or service(s) and other countries reciprocate with…



United States,


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Economics Analysis of Globalisation in China

Globalization refers to the increasing economic integration and interdependence between countries across a national, regional, and local scale. The intensification of movement of goods, services, and capital across multiple borders with the reduction in trade barriers, allows all domestic economies to combine together as one global economy.  Both positive and negative impacts can arise from…




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