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Why is Population Decrease

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Two reasons the population is decreasing is due to poverty and immigration. With knew technologies being introduced to perform manufacturing work, jobs are being eliminated causing extreme poverty in some areas. Due to minimal resources, families are forced to migrate from their home to care for their families. The birthrate has also decreased causing the…

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Population and Its Effects to the Environment

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China has a population of about “one billion, three hundred eighty-four million, six hundred eighty-eight thousand, nine hundred eighty-six” and is increasing rapidly each second. China has the largest number of population in world followed by India with a population of “one billion, two hundred ninety-six million, eight hundred thirty-four thousand, forty-two”. The united states…

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Population Control Issues

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Social Issues

Avengers: Infinity War provokes the human mind especially in terms of population control. At the moment, many people are already exposed to family planning methods with the hope of reducing the human population in the world. However, Thanos’ approach towards preserving natural resources and ‘saving the world’ through killing half of the world’s population is…

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Health Status of a Population

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Healthy Lifestyle


One example of a factor that can influence the health status of an individual is hereditary illnesses. The genes of an individual are known to influence their health from the point of being conceived, in which can not be amended or changed. An example of an illness or disease that can be influenced due to…

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Aging and Population Around the World

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Population Growth

For the United States and other parts of the world, the demographic future appears very different than it once did in the recent past. From the year 1950 to 2010 there was rapid growth with the U.S. doubling in population and globally the population nearly tripled. It is also projected that the population growth from…

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How Big Will The World’s Population Get Before We Run Out Of Vital Resources

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Natural Resources



Introduction The world’s population is constantly growing. According to experts, This will cause problems in future years due to a lack of resources that we may have. In this report, I will show different theories made by professionals on our population and how big it can and/or will get. I will explain some of the…

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Can the Philippines Handle too Much People?

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This topic is all about the population growth in the Pilippines. In the our country there are 106.5 million people as of 2018 and by the end of 2018 the Philippine population will increase by 1.8 million (Perez, 2018). Philippines is not a rich country, some of the places in manila like Tondo, Sta. Cruz…

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Human Population Growth

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Population Growth

Human population been growing at a steady rate for most of their early history. Current scientists estimate that homo sapiens modern humans developed about 130 000 to 160 000 years ago. many threats to climate fluctuations caused short life expectancy and high death rates in pre-industrial society so it took the human population to reach…

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