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Basic Definitions of Corruption

The lack of consensus on a common definition of corruption has led to the outpouring of several definitions. Researchers, academicians and institutions have offered to define corruption, though, many definitions crafted convey researchers believe constitute corruption at a given time and space. Some scholars have defined corruption as a private wealth, power or status seeking…


Corruption as a Social Phenomenon

Corruption is strongly influenced by political and economic environment. The more the economic activity in the country is regulated and limited, the higher the authority and power of officials in decision making, the greater the possibility of corruption. Corruption arises due to underpaid officials which is a problem especially in developing countries, another reason for…


Impact of Corruption in Bangladesh

What is Corruption? The process by which a word or expression is changed from its original state to one regarded as erroneous or debased. Actually it defines that corruption is a form of dishonesty or criminal activity undertaken by a person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, often to acquire illicit benefit or…


Corruption Leads to Money Waste

Corruption is the use of powers by the government for illegitimate private gain. Some forms of corruptions are bribery or extortion. Corruption may facilitate criminal enterprise like drug trafficking and money laundering (, 2019). Corruption is most commonplace in mafia states, narco-states. Corruption may be in different sizes. It may be between small groups of…



Political Corruption

Corruption as a Social Evil

Corruption basically is the dishonest use of conduct by the people who are in power. Corruption usually may involve bribery. The fraudulent change of something from it’s original state or putrefaction also includes in corruption. Corruption can uproot a whole country from it’s roots and we have many examples of it in the past and…


Social Problems

Two Types of Corruption

Corruption in the government has been a perennial dilemma, not only in the third world countries but in first world too. In third world countries, corruption is usually deep-rooted and rampant. While in first world, rich countries may have more robust structures, but form of corruption within them is more sophisticated, corruption leaves a piercing…


Software Development and Corruption

Corruption in software development projects can occur in many forms, for instance, to meet a financial target, a manager might sign a contract to deliver a software product, knowing that it will take longer than the promised date to deliver. Another common act of unethical and corrupt behavior is when the development team delivers a…


Corruption and Nepotism in Modern World

The concepts of Nepotism and Corruption are a curse to many societies in the world today. There must be fairness and equality in judgement when considering a selection to a job or providing a subsidy or working for development. Max Weber’s proposes that selection must be based on merit. But Nepotism or favouritism are making…


Social Problems

The Impact of Corruption in South Africa

Introduction Corruption is a universal problem but the degrees of severity differ quite significantly from country to country. Its effects can seriously limit the development of national economies and undermine good governance. Corruption erodes stability and trust, and it damages the ethos of democratic governance. However, most of our reports are linked to corruption at…


South Africa

Corruption and Economic Growth in Zimbabwe

Abstract Corruption is very harmful and unacceptable. It is one of the significant snags to maintainable monetary development and advancement. Debasement negatively affects each circle of any economy. This is what many people think. We used to think so too! But, guess what? There is sufficient empirical evidence supporting the fact that corruption is not…



Economic Growth

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