Negative Impact of Pornography

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Pornography is like a drug to those who view it consistently. Just like someone addicted to pills someone addicted to porn will need more and more at a higher dosage (finding more hardcore types) in order to feel normal and happy. Porn is also linked to many different problems such as anxiety, self-image, insecurity, and depression.

This is often due to when they do look for more hardcore videos they are ashamed of it and try to hide it from loved ones. Physical changes to the brain can also happen, the more porn someone watches the less grey matter is in the brain. Grey matter is used in decision making and intelligence.

Many people who are porn users as stated above need more and more hardcore videos and as this happens often these people get aroused by things that in normal life they are very not okay with. Also porn nowadays has become one of the first sexual education kids have due to the accessibility and the things they are learning are very violent and unacceptable in real person to person relationships.

The porn industry has a direct link to sex trafficking that is very blatant. Viewers do not know what consent has been given from the actors. The violence is often not just for a video it is real violence that the actor may not have signed up for or even had a choice in signing up for. This is not just an assumption there are real accounts of this happening.

The biggest pattern that emerges is that every single problem that is linked to porn ultimately boils down to how additive it is. From how it changes your thoughts to how you may treat a significant other to sex trafficking all of it leads back to the need for more and more that the viewer will experience.

The reason people keep turning to it is due to the addictiveness of it just like people keep going back to drugs it isn’t a hey i want to shoot up heroin today it is a need not necessarily a want. No i do not believe that the viewers of porn know how dangerous it is and this is due to the fact that younger and younger kids have access to it in the palm of their hands so possibly when it is first started the fact that it may be dangerous is even a thought but by the time they are grown up enough to understand they are already addicted.

I think that parents should be more involved in what their kids can access by using parental controls on phones . Also i think that the issue should be more out there rather than people being embarrassed by the topic maybe getting out this message more would start a conversation.

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