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This I Believe: Ethical Principles

I believe this case scenario would be an ethical dilemma. A dilemma is when someone has to make a choice between two options that are mutually exclusive and equally unfavorable (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2014). So when faced with an ethical dilemma, the basic ethical principles conflict with one another (Boyd, 2015). A moral dilemma arises…

Code of Ethics,


This I Believe

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Mental Illness and Disorders in Prison

Shockingly about 450 million people around the world suffers from mental illness. Many of these illnesses and disorders are mostly common in the prison and populations. The high number of mentally ill inmates in prison are related to numerous factors: the common stereotype and stigma associated with people suffering with a mental illness is that…

Mental Illness,


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Capital Punishment or Prisons

There are often various debates over whether capital punishment for serious crimes such as murder are morally permissible, both arguing for and against it. I hold the stance that it is morally permissible and will further be arguing and explaining as to why I see it as morally permissible by looking at factors such as…

Capital Punishment,

Crime and Punishment,

Criminal Justice,


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California Prison Systems

California’s prison systems are not only overcrowded and impacted but also face issues including, but not limited to: the overall jail conditions, excessive force against prisoners, parolee rights, and medical and health care rights and there have been many court cases discussing each of these topics. On top of these main issues that I’ll be…



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Increasing Focus on Prisoner Rehabilitation will Improve our Criminal Justice System

Introduction The treatment that can be provided from prisoner rehabilitation is an extremely underused resource in the United States’ criminal justice system, and implementing more rehabilitation programs in prisons would largely benefit the system. Allowing prisoners to develop skills that can assist them in their success after releasement is a great way to cut down…

Criminal Justice,

Criminal Justice System,


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