Pornography Promotes Violence Against Women

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I believe pornography promotes violence against women. Pornography is more than wickedness for men, it promotes violence in relationships. Pornography suggests a misleading and impractical way of approaching the opposite. It is a misleading and impractical idea about the man and woman’s connection. Pornography makes a female a figure really an anonymous person. In my opinion, I think pornography is a sickness. I have seen it end relationships because it increases barriers between partners. It vicious, the idea that aggression in an intimate relationship is ordinary or even optimistic.

The fact is expressed porn has the capability to disturb the mind, making a controlling connection between violence and erotic pleasure. In all reality, individuals who watch porn typically rape. You can see women end up being perceived as just a body. Which removes liberty to respect and a woman’s own self-respect. This alone would have been adequate enough to reason to alert our kids about the usage of porn.

We must persist to contest against pornography because it is a contest against violence. Violence against women is a difficulty intensely felt in our people. We are progressively looking to confirm gender sameness and to protect the right of every human. It makes me annoyed when the news sheds light on a new situation of violence of a man concerning a woman.

There should be more people trying to protect victims of violence and stop these types of situations. I love seeing superstars who take a public view on protecting abuse victims. All of this surely favors a positive change. Fighting pornography means fighting violence.

We cannot be winners of the protection of females and then jest about or be blind to a practice that is so closely linked with the occurrence of gender violence. I have women tell me the relationship’s end due to porn for many numerous reasons. One told me her partner left her because she was not as attractive as the porn women and did not have sex with him enough. Others, told me porn lead their men to cheat after viewing other women they wanted other women not just their spouse. It also caused some men to be verbally abusive like they are in porn they watch. Porn also caused the men to want to tie them up and use bondage and rape them. Just because somebody is your partner does not give you the right to have nonconsensual sex with this. Rape is when the other party does not give consent if they are your spouse or not.

In the porn world, you don’t need permission you can do whatever however you please to a woman without her consent, slap her, choke her, rape her, tie her up and degrade her in any and every way possible. Whatever you watch, listen to, be around, or read affects your brain and your mind. It has been proved by people throughout the years. With porn, it most certainly leads to more abusive men.

It leads to situations where women are uncomfortable and regraded, in their relationships. Some of the problems in women these days feel as though they are indebted to stay with the person even if the abuse happens because they want to make their man happy which is outrageous.

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