Issue in Ethnographic Research

Updated June 25, 2021

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Issue in Ethnographic Research essay

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During my research throughout the semester, I came across situations where I had struggled. These certain situations were because I am also part of the community that I was researching for my ethnographic account. I found it to be a bit challenging for me to maintain the point of view of an outsider. Often, I found myself having a biased opinion on something and I would then have to remember to think like an outsider. I needed to continue to be an outsider so that I could provide accurate and informative content to my audience. I was able to see the more important details of the community and it was very useful when I was writing my ethnographic account.

Being a part of the community definitely gave me a lot of benefits towards writing my ethnographic account and creating my portfolio. If I was not in the community, I would not have any insider connections. The insider information I received helped me create evidence that was useful to show my audience that Learning Living Communities are extremely beneficial. The community is very social and communicates a lot. They have multiple ways of communicating and an outsider would not have access to these. Being an insider meant that I did not need to get access to these because I already had it therefor it made it easier for me to do my research.

The community collaborates on events through these ways of communication. This made it easier for me to be informed on all the events so that I could also participate. If I were not in the community it would be a bit more difficult to do my research because I would have to ask to be included in everything. Interviewing students would also be a challenge because they might not be comfortable with doing an interview if they did not know me first so being a part of the community was very beneficial for this reason.

I think that having a different mindset has made my writing very different. This outsider mindset has made it so that I can research my community as my audience would see it. This means that I was able to include very beneficial evidence to my research and my ethnography. Thinking like an outsider gave me the ability to notice small details that I was able to include in my portfolio. I would not have had that ability if I was thinking like a normal community member would. This has made my writing stronger because I was able to provide my audience with accurate information that was very well explained. Becoming a stronger writer has given more confidence to interview students and really search for good information to use.

The interviews from students provided very useful information for me to add to my research. The honest answers help the audience to see that my information is not biased. Many of the students actually had very similar responses during their interviews. They all had the same opinion that the Engineering Living Learning Community has been beneficial for them. The students all mention that they have been especially grateful for the academic benefits and the social ones too. These are all good reasons for students to join the Engineering Living Learning Community. A few students enjoy the networking aspect of being in a Living Learning Community.

One student loves the networking and is hoping that helps him get an internship and a job too. (Lewis) The students have also mentioned the amount of work that it takes to be in an LLC. They say it is worth the time and effort put in for the benefits they get out of it. (Keller) All of the research I have gotten from the community has been very useful for me to create an ethnographic account and a portfolio for the Engineering Living Learning Community. The information has provided my audience with useful information to show them that it is beneficial to join a Living Learning Community in the future.

Issue in Ethnographic Research essay

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Issue in Ethnographic Research. (2021, Jun 25). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/issue-in-ethnographic-research/


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