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Argument Mapping of William Labov’s Article

The goal of this paper is to present an ‘argument mapping’ of William Labov’s article, “The Logic of Nonstandard English”.The way I will proceed to map Labov’s argument is by defining terms and enhance all the supporting evidence that I find important in understanding the full argument. I will then go on to map the…


Great Britain,


Critical Ethnographic Research

This chapter will introduce the philosophical underpinnings, research paradigm, methodology, and theoretical framework that will be used to explore my overarching research question: How is food literacy conceptualized and communicated? This research was approached using a critical research paradigm, tenets of critical ethnography, and a case study approach to inform my understanding of FL in…



Food And Culture

What is Ethnographic Research

Introduction When we speak about a qualitative research study, it’s easy to think there is one kind however, just as with quantitative approaches, there are actually many varieties of qualitative approaches. A popular and helpful categorization separate qualitative methods into these groups namely ethnography, narrative, ethnomethodology, qualitative comparative analysis, phenomenological, grounded theory and case study. The…



Scientific Method

Ethnographic: Types of Qualitative Research 

Two of the three types of qualitative research include phenomenological research and ethnographic research. Phenomenological research is a type of research that seeks to describe a phenomenon from individuals’ perspective and experiences (Grand Canyon University, 2018). This research study does not provide further explanation of the phenomenon rather a description of a particular phenomenon. Information…





Ethnographic and Scientific Realism

Introduction Scientific realism assumes that our scientific theories provide us with an approximate, if not an absolute, description of mind-independent reality (MIR) (Psillos 1999: xix). If true, then it follows our observations must be sufficiently accurate, generally speaking, for our theories to be. No matter how often they are verified, however, the fact that scientists…



Scientific Method

Ethnographic Study of Customers

Introduction For my ethnographic study, I decided to observe Boots in Buchanan Galleries. I was interested in the overall workplace of a retail setting. Boots has roughly 2500 stores ranging in sizes. The company are very passionate about their mission which is “To be the first choice for pharmacy, health and beauty – caring for…


Consumer Behavior,



Ethnographic Methods in Labor and Legality 

Labor and Legality is an ethnography by Ruth Gomberg-Munoz in which the lives of undocumented Mexican workers who work as busboys in the Chicago area are portrayed. Ruth Gomberg-Munoz is a socio-cultural anthropologist which research interest focuses on political economy, migration race, class and urban ethnography. Her interest in Mexican workers grew by waiting tables…


Latin America,


Ethnographic of Healthcare

This journal article explains what ethnography, also known as field research, is and when it is used. The article goes into further explanations of the strengths and limitations of field research with a section explaining field research in healthcare. This article explains the aim of field research as the ability “to gain insight into the…


Scientific Method,

Universal Health Care

Ethnographic of Health

Furthermore, by applying the Syndemics framework to two contrasting Indigenous ethnographic contexts; we can examine how the intergenerational embodiment of colonial biosocial forces establish differing social understandings and vast contemporary health inequalities, disease and illness between Indigenous and Western groups. Historically, the establishment of European colonisation in Australia had led to the subordination of Indigenous…




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