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Balancing Act: A Discourse on the Ethical Dimensions of Zoos

Pages 3 (671 words)


Introduction Zoos, both a sanctuary of wonderment for curious onlookers and a source of enduring controversy, have occupied an intriguing position in our societal dialogue. Our fascination with the diverse tapestry of life has led us to design enclosures to observe, study, and conserve, effectively bridging the gap between urban life and the wild. Yet,…

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Charting the Path of Ethical Maturation: A Deep Dive into Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development

Pages 3 (702 words)


Prologue Life, in its essence, is a continuous odyssey of growth and evolution, a relentless pursuit of maturity, which is significantly true for our moral growth. As we navigate the waters of existence, our viewpoints mature, our comprehension deepens, and our moral beacon—the navigational guide in the sometimes foggy journey of ethical decision-making—becomes sharper. Few…

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Utilitarianism and Consequentialism as the Most Applicable Approaches to Ethics

Pages 4 (943 words)



There are different theoretical approaches when it comes to ethics. In Kant’s Groundwork, we learned about the deontology theory of ethics. Deontology is a very dichotomous theory, where the main thing that matters is following one’s moral duty. If negativity comes from your action, it is okay as long as you follow your duty. Contrasting…

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The Great Gatsby’s Symbolic Tapestry: Unveiling Hidden Meanings

Pages 3 (670 words)


Prologue F. Scott Fitzgerald’s acclaimed opus, The Great Gatsby, fascinates readers with its intricate symbolism, rendering a vibrant panorama of the Jazz Age and the elusive American Dream. Set against the backdrop of 1920s New York’s splendor and opulence, Fitzgerald adeptly crafts a network of symbols that add profound dimensions to the narrative. These symbols…

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Decoding Chick-fil-A’s Mission Statement: A Manifestation of its Core Beliefs

Pages 3 (535 words)



When we ponder on Chick-fil-A, our taste buds might instantly recall the savory delight of a chicken sandwich. However, the culinary prowess of this famous fast-food chain is only one piece of the jigsaw that defines its overall success. The backbone supporting Chick-fil-A’s accomplishments is its unique mission statement, acting as a beacon that illuminates…

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The Portrayal of the Chinese Culture, Relationships, and Adversity in The Kitchen God’s Wife, a Novel by Amy Tan

Pages 4 (806 words)





Amy Tan’s novel “The Kitchen God’s Wife” is the story of a relationship between a mother and daughter that is much more than it seems. This touchingly beautiful narrative not only tells a story, but deals with many of the women writers’ issues. Tan addresses the issues of the inequality given women in Chinese culture,…

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The Use of Kantian Ethics to Resolve Medical Dilemmas

Pages 6 (1 452 words)



Kantian ethics are often used to resolve medical dilemmas, Both J, David Velleman and Judith Thomson attempt to use Kantian ethics to assess the legality of physician-assisted suicide. Velleman takes the position that it is immoral to offer suicide as a protected option guaranteed by law and Thomson claims that it would be immoral not…

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The Issue of Sweatshop Labor and Iris Young’s Antisweatshop Movement

Pages 4 (972 words)



Today’s modern society has rapidly advanced to create a wide network of relationships spanning across societies, political structures, and economies. Modern proliferation of the tenants of capitalism have created a worldwide division of labor where manufacturing is sourced to peripheral areas of economic activity in order to produce the cheapest end product in a competitive…

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John Proctor: Unveiling the Courage and Redemption Within

Pages 3 (572 words)


Introduction Arthur Miller’s classic play, The Crucible, introduces us to the unforgettable character of John Proctor, whose story is one of fortitude, repentance, and the unyielding resilience of the human soul. As we navigate the stormy seas of the Salem witch trials, we gradually discern the intricacies of Proctor’s character, his ethical struggles, and his…

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Ethical Dilemmas: Deciphering the Shades of Gray

Pages 2 (417 words)

Ethical Dilemma


Introduction Imagine standing at a crossroads with two pathways stretching before you, each reflecting a distinct ethical principle, and you’re compelled to choose just one. This encapsulates the essence of an ethical dilemma—a tough situation that demands a decision between two conflicting moral values. Analysis of the Ethical Dilemma Concept. An ethical dilemma is fundamentally…

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Ethics can be described as a set of philosophical and moral principles that defines a proper form of conduct in the public and personal life of an individual. Are those moral principles and norms universal? Well, most of them are, but it is much more complicated than just proper behavior in public places. You should probably read some essays about ethics to get a better understanding of what it really means. In fact, all of us have an inherent subconscious understanding of what is ethical and what is not, but if you want to write an ethics essay yourself, you must really understand what ethics mean for people around the world. In fact, different cultures have a different understanding of ethics, and thus, something that feels totally normal to you might be unethical to people on the opposite side of the globe. The best idea here is to read ethics essay examples from authors around the world to see how different peoples perceive ethics depending on their cultural background. This might be a truly revealing experience that will open your eyes to many peculiar features of modern society.

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