How Weather and Climate Impact Businesses

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Knowing that starting up a business is a goal in my life, I have to keep many things in mind. Although we have meteorologist, weather is very unpredictable. With climate change going on in today’s age, each day of the week is a new weather forecast and precipitation. We can not predict and control the weather, but it surely can control us and how we go about our day.

Weather and climate change can affect many different aspects of businesses locations. When starting up your business you want to keep a significant amount of things in mind such as; insurance for the business, the unpredictable weather forecast and the number of natural disasters happen within a location. Insurance is a very big deal when handling and starting up a business. This helps protect physical/property damage and all other injuries as well. Without having insurance there is a myriad of things that can happen, whether it be from customers or employees getting hurt or even the natural disasters that happen within the world.

In spite of the fact that insurance can be extremely expensive, it is better to be safe than sorry. Having that access to coverage for your business takes a lot of stress off your plate. There are many different types of insurance that can help protect one’s business, but the most popular is FEMA.

FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency and is best known for preparing for, preventing and recovering from all domestic disasters, whether it be natural or man-made. Or even General Liability insurance which is less expensive than the common insurance, BUT it does not cover all expenses of the damages done. That why it is important to weigh your options with insurance before the thought of starting one. Although, insurance is easy to find it’s the matter of picking the correct one that fits with your business and the beliefs. Location of the company is an import factor of determining whether or not the business will succeed a grow.

This should be the top priority. Businesses are connected to the weather, what’s going on outside can affect what’s going on inside as well. It can certainly determine whether are not sales will be sky high or not. If you were to set your business in an area, like Atlanta, Georgia, where it is always raining you will not get as much customer traffic flow or sales, but if it is in an area where it is predominately sunny, and beautiful weather your sales will increase and so will the growth of your business.

The idea of being in an area where you do not get as much good weather will result in low sales and low marketing levels. Usually, when settling on a location you want to know the history and background of what you may be getting into to, whether it be customer traffic or weather. Wildfires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.…. are the many common and different types of natural disasters. Water vapor is the number one factor in a hurricane. An excessive amount of rainfall is the fuel of a flood. Colliding tectonic plate movements is the number one cause of Earthquakes.

As you can see, all of the many causes and factors of a natural disaster is something humankind can not control. Although they are natural, they can also be very chronic and critical to businesses. It can throw laid plans and projections into disarray. With all the many different types of climate change, the world has been having, this is the root of all cause. Polar bears in Antarctica are sweating and experiencing heat, glaciers are now nonexistent, Las Vegas has snow, all of which just started happening within the world that is negative.

In addition, natural disasters can break supply chains, dictate if employees are able to work and damage facilities. That is why is very important to plan ahead for natural disasters and should be the top priority for business growth. There are ways to prevent disasters from increasing in growth, such as; Have an understanding, prepare and plan ahead, look at the different types of coverages, have qualified coworkers/employees and lastly, do your best. Everything can not always be impeded, but have a list allow you to know what to do in case of the emergency.

Preparing for natural disasters help predict what can help protect and keep the business safe as well as understanding how to re-establish damaged inventory if there was no way of saving it. Natural disasters have an impact on communities and businesses. It is like saving for a rainy day, disasters can happen whenever: tornadoes can strike the building down at any given moment. A flood can fill up to the roof. Furthermore, being that I am majoring in business marketing/administration, I plan on starting and creating my own successful fashion/interior designing business.

Weather/Climate disasters are inevitable. The idea of running a business frightens me in so many ways, so I know that it is smart to always plan ahead, Therefore, I need to keep many factors in mind including the Weather and Climate which play a huge role. There are many things I can keep my eye on. Weather is not always predictable, so preparing ahead such as; getting insurance/coverage for the business, unpredictable weather forecast and the number of natural disasters happens within a location are the major key to a successful business.


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