Gender Differences in Mathematics

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Mathematics has always been a part of our daily living. Even though everyone learns mathematics at school, However, it is difficult to explain what mathematics is. Numbers, graphs, shapes are all part of it. Those are only a small part compared to the whole and a general idea of mathematics. The only way to understand mathematics is to do mathematics.

Abstraction appears everywhere in mathematics, instead of using numbers, shapes, equations, or any other objects. Mathematicians are more focused on thinking and creating various patterns and structures. This means that the results called Theorems are more discussed at school. Mathematicians can’t just say that an idea is true without proof. They need to undergo an accurate and undeniable discussion to conclude that it’s true.

This could make mathematics more difficult to understand and drier for the students to engage in. It could also be because of other contents that are not particularly useful, as a result, this has made mathematics unpopular and less favorite subjects at school. Some teachers know a little about the essence of mathematics to inspire students to be more interested.

There have been numerous debates concerning gender differences in math on which gender is possible to have more excel when it comes to math. Based on some research girls are more likely to follow school-taught procedures. In general, girls more often follow teacher-given rules procedures. Whereas boys tend to use more novel problem-solving strategies. Gender differences in math depend on which math outcomes we look at. Some say that girls have higher reading achievement than boys, and boy is likely to pursue math-intensive fields such as engineer, and computer science. Gender has long been considered as a factor contributing to differences in performances of male and female students in all cycles of learning.

To compare the achievement of male and female students in the subject of mathematics at the higher secondary school level, We are going to test both gender’s capacity of the brain to solve the particular math problem. We have decided to conduct our research at Pilgrim Christian College targeting Senior High Students.

This research is very crucial in these changing times. With the help of this, we can determine and have the answer to our questions in which gender has a better performance when it comes to mathematics. It has always been a test of both genders on who has a better ability to solve math problems, equations, and create patterns. Some say that it could be genetics or because when you’re still in your mother’s womb you tend to listen to some numbers or maybe because of the effect of the medicine that you intake. Research attributes this myth to gender discrimination rather than gender differentiation.

The overall purpose of this study is to end all the debates on which gender has the better performance in mathematics. Because every human has its interests and both genders have their passion whether they are good at math or not, they still have the freedom to explore things on their own and find their enthusiasm.

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