Mathematics as a Science of Patterns

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Mathematics gives us way to understand patterns, to quantify relationship and predict the future. Math helps us understand the world and we use the world to understand math. It can also predict profits, how ideas spread and how previously endangered animals might repopulate.

According to Peter Lil jedahl, many argue that patterns are the cornerstone of mathematics. They are the foundation that the whole subject is built on. From the earliest tally systems to the development of the differential calculus to modern mathematics were and are the genesis, the motivation and the foundation of mathematical knowledge. As such mathematics is often referred to us the science of patterns ( Borwein and Jorgenson, 2001 ; Resnick, 1997) , Steen(1988)articulates this relationship between patterns and mathematics thus: Mathematical theories explain the relations among patterns; functions and maps, operations and morphisms bind on type of patterns to another to yield lasting mathematical structures. Applications of mathematics use these patterns to” explain” and predict natural phenomena that fit the patterns. Patterns suggest other patterns, of ten yielding patterns of patterns.

Even the very description of what it means to do mathematics can be define din the context of patterns. According to National Council of Teachers of Mathematics NCTM (1994), mathematicians observe patterns; they conjecture, test, discuss, verbalize, and generalize these patterns.

Mathematics helps us to organize and systemize our ideas about patterns in so doing, not only we can admire and enjoy these patterns but also we can use them to infer some of the underlying principles that govern the world of nature. There is much beauty in nature’s clues and we can all recognize it without any mathematical training.

According to PMSJ R, patterns in nature are visible regularities of form found in the natural world and canal so be seen in the universe. Nature patterns which are not just to be admired, they are vital clues to the rules that govern natural processes. These patterns recur in different contexts and sometimes be modelled mathematically. Natural patterns include symmetries, trees, spirals, meanders, waves, foams, tessellations, cracks and stripes.

Patterns are regular, repeated, or recurring forms and designs. Studying patterns help students in identifying relationships and finding logical connections to form generalizations and make predictions. According to Georg Heller up, in the animal world (humans including) symmetrical animals are regarded as the most attractive by both sexes. It’s like flashing you have perfect genes. Fibonacci numbers are found in almost any flowers.

According to Roy Pavericio, mathematics has helped organize patterns and consistencies in the world because one must know that there is always mathematics in almost everything in this world. Patterns in mathematics is normal. Almost everything in nature has patterns that can be related to math. Through the flower petal and snowflakes, these are the proof that patterns are mathematical in nature and these patterns help us to understand the behaviour behind those objects.

According to Kembulaong, mathematics will stay in our life forever because it is part of our journey. In relation to Fibonacci sequence which exist first it he Old Generation it is still existing in ours. The contribution of Fibonacci sequence is very essential by means of having the perfect measurement in doing something such as paintings, pictures or anything that has something to do with measurements. Thus patterns in nature are visible regularities of form and found in the natural world.

As Kembulaong said, mathematics will always be in our life. It simply organizes patterns and regularities in the world by the means of it exist in everything that our eyes see. Our world will not be formed with the help of mathematics as the source of measuring something that is existing.

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