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Research on Diabetes Disease in Asia

According to Brunner et al. (2008), diabetes mellitus influence on all kind of socio-economic countries but the low-income countries are more influenced. In low and middle-income countries, the number of diabetic patients in urban areas is 186.2 million while 126.7 million live in rural areas (International Diabetes Federation, 2015). People tend to use more high…




Statistics in Biology and Its Importance

Introduction In biology, researchers, like students like you, study how living organisms work internally. Since biology is the study of all living things, scientists in this field have enough land to cover it. To help us understand our world and ourselves a little better, these biologists collect data. Their study can vary from recording sound…



Children During Holocaust

On September 1, 1939, a terrible event called the Holocaust, lead by Adolf Hitler, was taking place. When the war began 1.6 million Jewish children lived where German armies were; one million of those children, along with thousands of Gypsy children and German children that were ill, mentally or physically disabled, or were too young…