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Importance of Statistics in Business World

Throughout the business world, statistics have allowed numerous sources for entrepreneurs to stay informed and fabricate vast decisions, provide prominent leadership. When one is in management, statistics can be helpful whether they’re innovating products, trying to think of a way to speed-up the production process, or even analyze the demands of repeat consumers/ soon-to-be consumers….



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Why Important to Learn Statistics

In studying statistics, we have been introduced to various topics and vocabulary and it is important to both understand and distinguish the differences between each other. By doing as such, we can apply and spot these tactics in our lives. The importance of understanding concepts and applying them is a critical skill for any regardless…




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Statistics and Types of Statistics

The science of data is Statistics. Data Collection, Organization, Analysis, Interpretation and Presentation are dealt under a definite branch of mathematics called ‘ Statistics ‘. This inturn helps in the study of various fields like psychology,economics,medicine ..etc. It also helps us in retrieving various kinds of data in forms of graphs, diagrams and charts.It is…




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Statistics and Morals and Bayesian Analysis

Google’s translation of specific words, is purely based on statistics and differs from real-life interpretations. When examining the Turkish pronoun “o” it can be directly translated to “One”. In sentences concerning professions like one is a doctor and one is a nurse, Google translates the “o” as “He is a doctor” and “She is a…



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Role of Statistics in Nursing Major

As a nursing major, statistics plays a vital role in the work performed in this job. I’m interested in understanding data, problem solving and how one event relates to another event. My goal in this class is to better understand the material well and excel, so it can help me in my future career. My…

Nursing Profession,


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Software for Statistics Analysis

Data analysis is most important in any profession. Nowadays there is a huge data available and it maybe difficult for the decision maker to make data in understandable and helpful way, to make it easy there are several software’s for analysing of data which one of them is SPSS. Software which is used for interactive…

Computer Science,



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Is Statistics a Lie

Statistics are used to analyze and inform information about things around us. For the most part, statistics are good to collect data, make appropriate decisions on a matter, or even to present something important to a big audience. Even though statistics are good, there are a lot of people who misuse it to alter facts…



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Statistics of People on Board the Titanic

Approximately 800,000 years ago, the first sea-worthy boats were erected by numerous Homo Erectus tribes scattered amongst Tropical Rainforests in Southeast Asia. These Pre- Historic rafts which were woven together through local plants for concepts and languages to travel and form new transportation systems. However, these primitive expeditions would expand in their respective technology and…




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Classification of ECG Arrhythmia using Recurrent Neural Networks

Abstract: The main objective of the paper is to suggest a method which automates the separation process of regular and irregular beats in an ecg. the researchers used the during the course of their work. The methodology used to achieve the objective of the paper involves giving a large volume of the time-series ecg data…





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Statistics in Biology and Its Importance Analytical Essay

Introduction In biology, researchers, like students like you, study how living organisms work internally. Since biology is the study of all living things, scientists in this field have enough land to cover it. To help us understand our world and ourselves a little better, these biologists collect data. Their study can vary from recording sound…



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