Who Am I: My Diploma Education

Updated October 13, 2020

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Who Am I: My Diploma Education essay

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I am Venkatesh putta reddy, born 25th April 1992 from the city of Tirupathi (Andhra Pradesh, India). I finished my primary Schooling to join Intermediate majoring in MPC(Maths, physics & Chemistry) after which I went to Chennai where I completed my Bachelor of Electronics and communication Engineering (ECE) successfully from the years 2009 to 2013 with an aggregate of 72% from one of the reputed universities in India which is Saraswathi velu college of engineering that is affiliated to Anna University. After completing my bachelors I joined in a start-up company in the city of Hyderabad named Coleta software solutions as a software engineer, where I worked for a period of ten months I was not satisfied with the knowledge acquired.

My friends, colleagues and family encouraged me to complete higher studies so I applied to one of the top universities IITB and IISC. These top universities has limited seats unfortunately my scores were not enough to get admission because India is a caste based country where reservation, caste and recommendation plays an important role in allocating seats and also some seats were allocated to kids of army officer’s as well as sports and women’s quota. I am not successful in getting the admission, during this period I was not sure about my future so my parents advised me to pursue master’s degree from overseas.

I searched for many countries during these research I came to know that Australia, Canada and United states are good for higher education. I choose Australia which is safe, having quality education and tuition fees which is affordable where my parents can support me. I came to know that Australia is best for higher education and it is a land of opportunities. Australia will not only provide me a degree with in-depth knowledge skills in software back ground (theoretically and practically )that will help me in real work force, but also the degree will provide better job opportunities.

Reasons for changing to Diploma Education:

After completing masters I decided to start a company in India that is the reason why I want to go for further education to gain more knowledge. Despite my interest of doing PH.D I’m not sure whether my academics is eligible for applying PH.D. So, I changed my mind to Diploma education would be easier for me to achieve my goals.
Furthermore, despite of attending classes regularly and having attendance day to day, I could not understand what is going on in the classroom. I couldn’t cope up with Australian standards. This made me to think of my situation and I concluded that I’m unfit for Australian standards.

Reasons for choosing to study in education providers specified in the visa application:

After facing all the difficulties with my previous education providers, this time I’m cautious that I should choose a good college for my Diploma. I have searched many colleges in and around Melbourne but this college caught my eye. I have researched about the college and I have received a very good feedback. I made up my mind to visit the college once and speak with the staff about the course which I’m undertaking. I’m very much satisfied for what I came to know from the faculty, this is the exact college I’m searching for. My fortune it had open applications at that time so without a second thought in my mind I have applied for the immediate intake. The college is also located near to the city with good public transport. I’m very much happy for this college and I strongly believe that this institute gives me sound knowledge on my interested course.

Reasons for choosing to study in Australia rather than India:

As I mentioned earlier, I want to complete my Diploma course in a reputed, standard institutions. Australian educations standards are very high compared to Indian standards. In India, we just follow the textbooks issued by the college management. Teachers there doesn’t bother of going out of the book, they just come and say what’s in the book. This makes me not to analysis outside of the book, not having practical knowledge in any areas of my education in India. But, here in Australia I have been exposed to different scenarios of a topic. We do assignments by reading different journals, books, web search, gathering knowledge from different sources. This kind of educational learning never happens in India. So, this is the main reason why I choose Australia as my education destination.

I’m sure with the education system here, I’m going to acquire good knowledge on my courses and make a good practical exposure which is required the most to get successful in life.

Economic circumstances in my home country:

My family is financially sound, and I have no problem paying my fees and looking after my living expense in Australia. My father owns a business in my home town and my mother have a study centre where she guides students who comes for Mathematics, as my mom is great at Mathematics. I have a brother who is currently working in an MNC with a whooping salary.

Significance ties to my home country:

As my family background is business and agriculture, me and my brother want to start a company once I completed my course. My father is guiding us in a right way to achieve success in our attempts to start a company. My previous plan is to get back to India after my masters but my brother insisted me to do this course which can greatly help us leading our new start up in a successful manner. Apart from it I’m very much attached to my family. I don’t want to stay away from my parents in a long run. My father wish me and my brother should live together and look after the family and our business in coming future. So, I will go back to India at any cost after my course is completed in Australia.

Finally, I would like to conclude this statement of purpose considering the fact that I have no intensions or interest to stay back in Australia after my education is completed. Please, consider my statement of purpose for approval of my visa for my education. So, I request you to issue my student visa for completing my studies and go back to my family soon.Thank you very much for providing me this opportunity and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Who Am I: My Diploma Education essay

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