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Updated October 13, 2020

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I am asked almost everyday what I am majoring in. The moment I say “Biology”, I usually get comments like “Wow, it’s going to be hard”. “Do you plan to sleep at all when in College” or something like “Good luck”. As I get these comments, I feel completely fine and understandable. I am getting my bachelor’s in biology with a focus on Physician Assistant studies. If I were to choose two strengths, it would be the ability to accept and learn from my mistakes and having the persistence in achieving my goals.

The reason why I can accept and learn from my mistakes is because so I do not repeatedly risk of doing them again. I have a need to develop the wisdom, and that sense to be able to make good decisions and choices. The good judgement can only be developed if we truly learn from our mistakes. I know for a lot of people, it usually can take a few repeats of the same mistake to learn the lesson. Whether it can be good or bad, I feel that experiences are what help me learn the lesson and form a better sense of judgement. A bad judgement would seem to stick with us longer as a lesson learned because we really don’t want to keep repeating it over and over.

I think wisdom is the knowledge that one person can gain from making mistakes. Moving forward, my second strength of having the persistence in achieving my goals. I find this to be another strength of me because for this part, I feel there are many components that you must stay in. It can be a purpose, or some sort of enthusiasm. When I have a definite purpose in doing something, I try to stay focused. My purpose is what means to me so much that it is the only thing that will help me follow whatever path is needed to achieve my life goals. My purpose in life is to help others, to help the elderly, which is the reasoning to me majoring in Biology, so I am able work in a healthcare field. My goal is to help others to be able to reach their great heights by motivating them.

I want to show people or just an individual that you can do what it is that you want to do by changing how you think, and they can believe it is my motivation. For them to able to believe and become successful in achieving their goals is my satisfaction. I know that once you have a purpose in life, it can be supported by a strong desire. I feel that here you must accomplish your goals more than anything else. You must keep that desire as strong as you can so it can appear to others as an obsession. If one has goals, your desire must be your passion. The MacArthur Foundations Fellow is known to be very popular and most frequently it is referred to as the Genius Award.

The program is basically intended to encourage people and benefit them from for the talent and skills that an individual pursues towards their professional inclinations. The Foundation itself awards fellowships to people rather then giving it away to schools, and this involves many different professionals like doctors, scientists, teachers, etc. When the fellowship is given, they use it to advance their expertise, and try to engage into new work and collaborate, to change fields or possibly alter between their careers.

The Foundation was founded by John and Catherine MacArthur. John was one of the wealthiest men in America and was a sole owner of an insurance company. He was also an owner of extensive properties and businesses. His wife Catherine, was a partner with him in his life and his business, as well as being a director of his foundation. The foundation has been paying out awards to individuals since 1978. Approximately, it has paid out 6 Billion dollars to more than 23,000+ grants and program related investments. Looking at their financial overview chart, it was shown that there has not been one single year where there were possibly no recipients.

The grants are consistently given to at least 20 to 30 people a year, based off data. Being guided by long held values, they choose creative people and support them. As a foundation, they considered the world is just one for them. Creativity is what is comprised as a whole to make something new or to connect the seemingly in ways so that the individuals can enrich the understanding and knowledge. Creativity is based upon asking questions, that are open on to the fields of inquiry as yet unexplored, solutions to perplexing problems and matters, tools and many forms. For an individual to be considered for the award, there are many nominees that are bought to the program’s attention to a changing pool of invited external nominators that are basically chosen from a range of fields and areas of interest as possible.

The nominees are encouraged to bring in their accomplishments and be able to experience the most creativeness beyond their fields of choice. The nominations are then evaluated by a Committee that is held with many people in arts, sciences, and nonprofit communities. Each of the nominations are then to be considered with respect to the program’s selection criteria. Through the review process, the Committee then would make its recommendations to its president and the Board of directors that are a part of the MacArthur Foundation and the annual list is out by September.

With no other quotas or limits typically there would be 20 to 30 people selected. Moving forward, to look at the highest count of states that have the most nominees, it is shown that California, has about 197 recipients and New York, being at 229 recipients. It makes sense to me that New York is actually a really big state with a lot of its population being there. In that state, you can find people that work in my interesting fields, such as being in the medical field, a lot of people are in art, many are teachers. Now, there are many states that have a very low number of recipients. We go from South and North Dakota, Virginia, Hawaii, Kansas, and many more. There are 10 states to be seen on the very low end.

Why is this? I think it is because of course as an image I do not see much of the population in this States. I feel like these states just do not mean as much to anyone and I do not imagine anyone living there if I were to say. Most of the states lie on the U.S. and Canadian Border. As a part of which individuals have or do not have college degrees too, you can still be considered for the grant if you are a U.S. Citizen. They must not hold elective office or advanced positions in the government as defined by Statute. If I had five fields to think about that seem to be unexpected, I would say the individuals such as someone being a painter or dancer. Just thinking about it, it is unusual to this see this. A lot of awards given to a painter, represents the visuals in the world through elements, while a dancer shows a unique hybrid of traditional dance styles. It just sounds so neat. A third focus to think about would be a Radio Host.

How is it so possible for an individual like a host to receive an award? This has a whole generation of audio explorations and I guess it seems to show the scientific side of sense that recreated the discovery for the individual to be considered. Another field of an individual you can think of would a photojournalist. You can’t expect a photojournalist to receive an award, but this individual has created a sense being of powerful records towards the century. Looking at the individuals considered for the Genus Award in 2019 versus what was given in their first batch, we have individuals from a “variety” of fields, which is why we have more and more each year.

Back in the days when the program started, it can be observed or thought of that we did not have doctors, engineers, painters, and all of them. I imagine the year of ’78 to be old, with farmers and just considered it to be heritage. At this time of the year, you can now imagine we have more doctors, and more people in a different major or field of education. Traditionally, people invested time in land. Looking at a 3-D artist, an individual pertaining to Africa would be someone like Jeffrey Gibson.

Gibson was a recipient of 2019 that showed as how North American materials consisted and made forms of Western Contemporary art that led him to create a hybrid visual vocabulary and how he showed the prompting a shift into Native American culture is perceived and historicized. Jeffrey seemed to be someone who combined the elements of traditional Native American culture into modernism too and showed out immersive installations towards his phase.

If I were to look at any past recipient being close to my major, I would look at someone like Bonnie Basler, who is a Molecular Biologist, a recipient of the Program. Bonnie is a person who gave her time of investigating chemical mechanisms that bacteria would use to communicate to each other through a “quorum sensing”. Her work consisted of identifying genetic and biochemical circuits through adaption and different species. I do not have anything much in common, as to only that she majored in as a Molecular biologist, but her major does show a sign of working with Bacteria. It is something somewhat relate to me because as a Major in biology, I want to consider learning about different Bacteria and how they work in different parts of our lives.

This is a basic sense of me being able to deal with formation, structures, and functions that would pertain to molecules of life and being able to learn genetic information. I would say it is something that would happen to me and maybe it would not, because her job generally, consists of being able to stick to biomedical applications for that quorum sensing she states, but she and I do have a match of future treatment of “diseases”.

Who I Want to Be essay

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