I Am a New Student

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I am new and incomparable with other students, I am cut from a different cloth. I am far from your average, I am a hard-worker and earner, I do not have luxuries handed to me, I had to go through the pain and struggle in order to get where I am today, I put overtime in my work, even if it takes hours. I do not waste time procrastinating and whining, I approach work in a creative way as an opportunity to learn and develop a concept that can broaden, or enhance my perspective and beliefs. My desire in life is to become a leader, I want to lead people to success and be supportive of the journey that the people choose, as a leader I will lead people to refrain from giving up. Also, I wish to shine a light on opportunities being everywhere within one’s life just waiting to be chased. Everyone is special and unique in such a way that no one else can possess.

Firstly, I constantly refer to myself, as an independent individual. I never beg or ask my friends for anything even if it is for support. I discard pathetic friend’s who are useless. As a person, I only choose to have a friendship, if that friend can hold up their job, as acting as a friend. I am independent, as I am capable of understanding the fact that no one will be there to hold your hand and guide you to your goals, even if it is your family or close friend’s. The only person that is capable of doing this is you, your thoughts, and interests. I only value criticism towards me even if the truth is ugly, criticism only brings a tremendous amount of motivation for me to work harder, to do better and make the people who had negative thoughts about me contemplate their opinion towards me. Individuals such as Orville Wright failed numerous times, trying to make aircraft function real, just when everyone gave up hope he proved all the people who stated that air control was just a fantasy wrong.

A vital value about me is being fearless, I believe if you do not put yourself and show your true colors out there you will be too insecure about judgment, if you are lost on what you want, people will judge and manipulate you to believe in an opinion that you know you would not agree with . As a person, you only live once, despite the fact how wealthy or how intelligent you are, you will only get one chance, to either leave your life with a legacy that lives forever or leave understanding you had no contributions. Being shy and quiet a majority of the time will get you nowhere, you need to have a sense of standing up for yourself or else people will step over you like a mat and choose your opinion for you. Having the ability to say no is crucial in a journey of success, only you are able to take control of your destiny. People such as Martin Luther King fought for racial rights even when he was aware that he would get backlash from the privileged, but he was fearless and changed the majority of the world opinion on racism, because of Martin being fearless he left a legacy for himself that still remains today.

A factor I have that makes me stand out from others is my capability of being a hard worker, unlike others, I do not meet expectations, I exceed expectations, I put overtime in my work. I know that by working harder it can be beneficial to me as I can develop the habit of not procrastinating and being focused on other things. Working harder ensures the saying quality over quantity. Working harder can also build a reputation from others, for example, if someone were to ask for a favor they would ask someone who works hard and gets the job done as opposed to someone who’s lazy and irresponsible.

In Conclusion, I hope that you learned more about me and can take one of the qualities and apply them to your life. As you can see I am very smart and concerned about success in me. Overall everyone is successful even if people doubt you, in the end, all that matters is you and your opinion, do not let others take control, take leadership and guide people to success. Remember to be resilient and confidence you have a voice for a purpose and that is to speak up, you will not get anything by refusing to take action towards a goal, and you can never rely on someone because, in the end, it is just you, and your goals, no one else. Now think about what I mentioned, it is your plane and you are the pilot.

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What do you mean by I am a student?
a person formally engaged in learning, especially one enrolled in a school or college ; pupil: a student at Yale. any person who studies, investigates, or examines thoughtfully: a student of human nature.
What is the meaning of new student?
A new student is someone who is new to a school or educational institution.
What is the name of new student?
The new student's name is John. He is a transfer student from another school.
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