Positive Turn of Procrastination

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Okay guys, I’ll start with a question for you: are you familiar with the term ‘procrastination’? For those who do not know the word, procrastination is delaying to certain activities because they usually require too much energy. I think, no, I am sure that three quarters of this class are procrastinators. Some of you are probably less a mess than me, but this phenomenon is very common, especially among students.

Procrastinators are usually associated as the laziest people who can exist, but to be honest: it happens and usually we can’t get a grip on it. But postponing is not exactly a negative thing. In fact, it can give a positive turn to your work. And I’m going to tell why…

Maybe a lot of you guys thought that procrastination is very stressful and makes you at the end regretful. But think again, scientists determined that people who don’t procrastinate experience a lot more stress. I thought about this for a second, and it actually makes sense. What you actually do if you procrastinate, is holding up all the anxiety or stress and limit this to the shortest time possible.

And it doesn’t only make you less stressed out; procrastinating helps you manage time. Okay, maybe not on a long-term basis. But on a short-term, giving yourself the minimum amount of time to get something finished makes you work faster. I’ll give you an example: why would you spend ten hours stretching out over an entire week for that one assignment? That one assignment could be done in five hours if you start a day before the deadline! Because of the lack of time, your brain learns to do a lot in a short period of time, and you’ve treated yourself with time that you can spend on other things. Sounds good, right?

Because you give yourself a short amount of time of doing that one assignment, you have a little voice in your head that works like a personal trainer. “Don’t stop, just keep going. You can do this!” It’s a bit intrusive and annoying, but you stay in that drive. No matter what. Procrastination gives you that little fear of missing your deadline and that little fear that you have, will help you continue that drive till the end.

And because you have that short amount of time and your little personal trainer in your head, you have no time to question yourself or your work and you may be more confident in what you are submitting. By postponing, you are wasting much less valuable time and worrying about missing an open deadline so that you can do everything exactly what is needed.

In the end, it must be realized that procrastination is not always negative and is very beneficial for many. It permits us to have more free time, develop- and reflection time, less stress and develops efficiency skills. But you must know that there is a limit and that you should not postpone everything at the last minute, because that is not how it works in this civilized world. I said earlier that procrastination only works in the short term and you have to keep that in mind. Thank you.

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How is procrastination a positive way of coping?
Procrastination helps you to make better decisions . Your rational mind and your intuition are saying opposite things, and you can't quite figure out which one to listen to—or who's saying what! That's when procrastination becomes your savior because you avoid jumping into something that might not be right for you.
Is procrastination ever a good thing?
It can be a good thing if it motivates you to get things done. But it can also be a bad thing if it leads to you not getting things done.
What are the 3 steps to stop procrastinating?
1. Recognize that you are procrastinating. 2. Understand why you are procrastinating. 3. Make a plan to overcome your procrastination.
What are the positive effects of procrastination?
Procrastination may be good for your ability to prioritize It's rather logical: when you're putting off things, procrastination helps you to prioritize better. And as we know, effective prioritization is helpful to get rid of unnecessary tasks you might have begun that were not worth your time.
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