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Comparison of Philosophy of Wisdom in Apology and Play Oedipus

Socrates’s philosophy of wisdom was rooted heavily upon the realization that all humans are ignorant: the defense he used at his own trial was that he himself was the wisest man in Athens simply because he was adequately self-aware enough to recognize his own ignorance, or lack of knowledge. In Sophocles’s play, Oedipus’s hamartia, a…




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Kindergarten Graduation

Most families get together in celebration of their kid’s early milestones. Take, for instance, kindergarten graduation. Aside from the fact that it is an opportunity to see kids wearing their mini mortarboards and mini graduation gowns, kindergarten and nursery graduations is also a period of their life where they can associate graduation to a positive…



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Problem Solving of Chatbots

Chabot’s is a developing system which now-days take control in many areas by using its AI (Artificial intelligent) system. A lot of problem is solved and it also being helping kind of system for older people or professional people whose working high research areas. But the system has a certain problem in NLP domain areas…

Problem Solving,


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Early Marriage

According to K4health (n.d), the amalgamation of two people in which both parties or either one is younger than the age of 18 is defined as early marriage. The mental and physical health of the girls will be affected for the rest of their life due to early marriage. Thus, early marriage brings nothing but…



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What’s Affect Our Perception

How do we perceive things around us? This question is very instigating and brings us to many reflections. The deeper we go into the process of perception, the clear it becomes that we perceive the same outer world only in its superficial characteristics, and on the other hand, the more we increase our demand for…



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Concept of Perception

Discussion The concept of perception is the most critical and major concept in this course. Perception is the process of recognizing, interpreting and understanding through the senses. An individual’s perception expresses their character and attitude, it formulates personal opinions, thoughts and ideas but most importantly it shapes one’s subjective reality. With negative perception, there would…



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The Power of Growth Mindset in Athletes and Amputees

Mindset is “the established set of attitudes held by someone.” Mindset can affect their day to day choices through their “thoughts, beliefs, and expectations.” Mindset matters because it focuses on the way you perceive the world. Without a strong mindset, one won’t be able to achieve one’s goals and aspirations. A person with a mature…

Growth Mindset

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Prevention of Bias in Machine Learning

All of these applications have a direct effect on our lives and can harm our society if not designed and engineered correctly, with considerations to fairness. These examples serve to underscore why it is so important for managers to guard against the potential reputational and regulatory risks that can result from biased data. Therefore, it…



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Role of Family in Self Perception

Family is a big factor in self-perception. What a parent or family member says or does in front of their kids greatly affects them. The affects can be as little on how they act throughout their daily life or how they feel about themselves in front of a family member. They way self-perception is shown…


Importance Of Family Relationships,


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Socrates in the Apology and the Crito

There are many to provide the assertion that there really much differences stark differences are perceived in how the Apology and the Crito compare in Socrates judgment, showing how he carried the same base throughout both dialogues. In the Apology, Socrates in several passages in which advocated for adhering to the Athenian judicial system. While…




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Psychology is increasingly becoming a popular field of study in today’s modern world. This may be because it is widely regarded as an important area of study that touches almost all aspects of human life. Essay about Psychology expresses it as a field that exploits scientific knowledge about the human mind and behaviour to solve complex human problems.

In psychology essay, the more people want to know about themselves and their environments, the more psychology becomes fascinating. This makes psychological courses more popular since many people are nowadays interested in themselves, others, and their environments. Besides the fact that this discipline helps in understanding humanity, it does a lot in guaranteeing students multiple employment prospects. People who have studied psychology have many career choices.

With a psychology degree, diploma, one can secure work as a counsellor, a lawyer, prosecutor, an educator, medical practitioner, or even a marketer, among many other professional careers. Psychology essay examples depict psychology as a discipline that complements tens of different areas of study. This not only makes psychology a fascinating discipline but also a popular area of study.


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