My Future Profession In The Healthcare Setting

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The significance of writing skills in my future profession in the medical field is very important due to the fact that anyone working in the medical field must be able to write in a legible manner, have the ability to write effectively, and to be able to help with written communication to further help patients.

Being able to write in a legible manner is probably one of the most significant in having writing skills for any medical field professional. Having legible writing allows for the best documentation. In the medical field, it is very important to be able to read what another medical assistant, nurse, or even the doctor has documented in the patients’ medical history. Not being able to read what another healthcare professional has written in the patients’ medical record could leave room for poor healthcare resulting in consequences to the patient that could be harmful.
While being able to write in a legible manner is important, it is also important for a medical professional to have the ability to write effectively. Writing effectively is having the ability to have writing skills that are clear, flow logically, and are cohesive. With the medical field being such a fast-paced profession it is significant that a medical professional can go to a patients medical record and be able to find the right information written effectively and not have to search through the record.

Another significance of writing skills in my future profession in the medical field is written communication. With having good written communication a healthcare professional can better help patients to understand what condition he or she might have, which further helps the patient feel more empowered about what decisions the patient might or might not have to make regarding his or her healthcare. When some patients hear that the doctor has found something “wrong” the patient may then start to think the worst possible outcome. By having good written communication and demonstrating this skill could help to put the patients’ mind at ease. For the patient, seeing the words written out in black and white might just help the patient to calm down some and comprehend what the situation is which then results with the patient making any decisions that may need to be made.

Having a great understanding of why writing skills are significant in my future profession in the healthcare setting will better to help others, along with myself, who work in the same professional environment by being able to communicate legibly and effectively through the patient’s healthcare record.

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