Love for Medicine Profession

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Medicine is a science of health dedicated to the study of life. Health, diseases, and death of the human being and involve exercising knowledge of this science for the maintenance and recovery of health; applying it to diagnosis and cure of diseases.

Far from how we know it today, Medicine had its origins in prehistory, which also It has a field of study called ‘Medical Anthropology’. In its beginnings, this science used plants, minerals and parts of animals as ‘magic’ rituals of healing that were carried out by shamans, priests or ‘sorcerers’ of the time.

The data collected throughout history show that in one way or another medicine was always used in different cultures; and formally one of the recognized historical figures of this science is Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine and from which arises the ‘Hippocratic Oath’ that doctors perform when they graduate.

Medicine is one of the oldest careers that exist. The professionals in this area (we the doctors) were, are and will always be needed in all societies. For this reason, I would like to share with you some of the reasons why I decided to dedicate myself to this profession.

  1. We will contribute to the prevention of diseases and injuries by promoting the conservation of health: These are the core values of Medicine. The prevention has to do with the doctor having to guide patients to the prevention of diseases, whenever this is possible, and this is done through the promotion with the purpose of also helping people to live more effectively. harmonic and with a better quality of life.
  2. We will help to alleviate the pain and the suffering of the people: Another one of the intentions of Medicine is to alleviate the pain and the suffering caused by different illnesses or accidents. Pain relief is one of the most important goals of this science that doctors can never lose sight of.
  3. We will have a universal and safe job: Not all professions ensure a universal job as Medicine does, since it is a science that is applied in the same way in all parts of the world, unlike others such as legal And while working as a doctor is not easy, it is a profession that ensures a high percentage of employability, also ensuring the economic future.
  4. A Physician is like a human superhero: If a job can be assimilated to that of a superhero, that is the work of the Physician. Like the heroes of comics and movies, among the objectives of a Doctor of Medicine are also those of saving lives and ensuring the integrity of people, having to act decisively and accurately in the most difficult moments.
  5. We can choose between several specializations: After we have received in General Medicine, the areas in which we can specialize are several and very diverse and thus also job opportunities. Depending on what choices we can end up curing cancer or advising elite athletes.

According to the Code of Medical Ethics, all patients are entitled to the medical care of human and scientific quality, then the most important:

  • The most important quality that a doctor must have is love and motivation for his profession, in order to do a good job.
  • It must have empathy, that is, the ability to situate oneself in the perspective of the patient, without feeling any pity.
  • Humility, which is able to be shown as a human being with strengths and weaknesses, capable of recognizing their mistakes, therefore, have the responsibility in their actions, assuming the consequences of this.
  • Do not get carried away by the rapidity of daily life, and be prudent, act without haste and with good judgment. The doctor must have warmth, to try to establish a cordial and trusting relationship with the patient, always keeping an adequate therapeutic distance.
  • It will be able to be updated in scientific and ethical knowledge, because everyday science is advancing by leaps and bounds, and training of these changes will serve to enrich your training. Likewise, it is very important to cultivate ethical sensitivity, and not accept something as ethical, because everyone does it.
  • Respect the specific rules of your service, such as proper clothing, or extreme hygiene measures in certain areas. Therefore, assume acceptable behavior, taking care of the physical aspect, language, and modes.
  • He will listen and be respectful with the patients, relatives and all the personnel in which he is working, whether he is assisting.

Doctors always try their best to save patients when they are serious, sacrifice their personal life and dedicate it to the care of their patients, the abnegation of a doctor always has its reward when seeing patients cured. The price of sacrifice is that extraordinary effort to achieve a greater benefit, leaving aside our comforts, tastes and sometimes our own interests.

We must always bear in mind that sacrifice is an extremely important value to grow in life by the strength it gives us in our character. I say this, because sacrifice strengthens the values of commitment, perseverance, optimism, and overcoming, it is like a force that encourages us to continue forward despite the inconveniences that are put in front of us. These values have the same goal, to reach our goals. To commit ourselves is to maximize our abilities to carry out all that has been entrusted to us. The commitment that is made from the heart goes beyond the signing of a document, or a contract. When we commit ourselves, it is because we know the conditions that we are accepting and the obligations that these entails.

Today, the practice of our profession is undergoing a profound transformation, where both private and public health services circulate through a juncture between past and future. Marked by official reforms, by organizational challenges and inventions and by an increase in social pressure. New reforms to the general laws of the different institutions and medical insurance have stimulated greed and encouraged the lucrative interest of a group of national, foreign investors. Also, why not say it, of doctors who want to be entrepreneurs of commercial organizations, anticipating the possibility of obtaining enormous profits, affirmed in the experience of the model of managed health originated in the United States of North America; the occasion and the field are favorable, since progress is made with regulation or regulations. For those of us who live in the state of Florida, we know that medical insurance is one of the main businesses.

For those of us who are convinced that the patient and his doctor -the one the patient freely chooses- are the protagonists of a social contract and not a business contract; for whom we are clear that we are not sellers or economic agents in a free market; for those who enjoy independence, authority and ability to self-regulate; but above all, for those of us who have the invaluable privilege of enjoying the trust of our patients, which we receive in exchange for the commitment to serve their interests first, responsibly and at the lowest possible cost; For all it is essential to establish a clear difference between the practice of our profession and any other act that contributes to violate the relationship between the patient and the doctor. Physicians should reflect seriously and act on these problems and not disqualify us in the difficult task of intervening in the design of the path that medical care in the United States will take.


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