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Health Status of a Population

One example of a factor that can influence the health status of an individual is hereditary illnesses. The genes of an individual are known to influence their health from the point of being conceived, in which can not be amended or changed. An example of an illness or disease that can be influenced due to…


Healthy Lifestyle,


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Health Change

The health behavior I would like to change is to reduce my caffeine consumption. I want to change this behavior because it has negative impacts on the quality of life I have, and it causes some gastrointestinal distress for me. Because of my bad habit, I could not have a proper sleep, my acid reflux…



Healthy Lifestyle

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Health Application

Do you want something that helps you keep trajectory of your condition? Than you will, cheerful to know that this application will helps you in this regard. It amalgamates health statistics in distinction to mobile device, Apple Watch, or other apps you previously use, so you can perceive all your fruition in one inexpedient whereabouts….



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Importance of Health Interview

Health interview is a meeting between a client and health personnel at which the health worker asked questions in order to find out a suitable solution or solving problems. It also involves in gathering health history of a client. Cox (2019) said that patient’s history is the major subjective source of data about their health…


Health Care

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Teens Health Issues

Introduction Teenage population comprise up to 22% of the American population. The patterns in behavior observed among teenagers in development stage may help to understand the health status of young people and the possibility of them developing chronic diseases when they reach adulthood. Teenagers are generally healthy in most times of their lives but significant…



Health Care

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Definition of Health and Illness Argumentative Essay

In this essay it will look at how health and illness are defined and look at them from a professional organisation and a lay perspective. Both the biomedical model and social model will be looked at and argued which of the models can best explain how health and illness are to be treated and how…



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My Health, Weight and Body Image

I am glad to be forced to take a look at my personal health and to develop a plan for my future. For the last few years it has been a subject I chose to ignore. Faced with this assignment and the desire to do well on it, I am forced to take a hard…

Body Image,


Health Care

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Health of Indigenous Australians

Before colonization, Indigenous Australians has lived in Victoria for 50,000 years. They were free and have strong cultural identity and connection to their land and speak many languages and, have a healthy lifestyle based on hunter-gatherer culture and which involves physical work and their diet was fresh foods (VACCHO, 2020). After colonization, Indigenous population in…



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Three Health Concerns

The purpose of the study was to determine the top three health concerns and health information preference of male individuals in the military. The sample included 15 male individuals who are military members that are currently active duty ages 17-25. They were asked to fill out a survey to determine how they preferred to learn…


Health Care

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Health Issues and Food

In the modern Western culture that society lives in today, there is no doubt that everything goes fast and most Americans don’t have time to cook. This results in a growing fast food industry that sells nothing but fatty, unsustainable, low-nutrients, chemical-packed food. This is one of the main causes of obesity. The human race…



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