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Definition of Health and Illness

In this essay it will look at how health and illness are defined and look at them from a professional organisation and a lay perspective. Both the biomedical model and social model will be looked at and argued which of the models can best explain how health and illness are to be treated and how…



The Concept of Health 

The concept of health has changed from the traditional perspective that majorly focused on the treatment of different diseases to a new approach that focuses on the entire wellbeing. According to the constitution adopted by the International Health Conference held in 1946, health is defined as the state of having complete social, mental, and physical…


Health Care

Factors That Affect Discomfort, Pain and Injury

As from the given scenario I am supposed to describe about the DPI [discomfort, pain and injury] and it’s affecting factors whereas the full form of DPI is discomfort, pain and injury. We know that there are many elements that get together to perform pain and injury while discomfort is building in the daily life…



Stress Management

Health Effects of Air Pollution

Abstract Air pollution happens when gases, dust particles, vapor (or smoke) or smell are brought into the air such that makes it destructive to people, creatures and plant. Air pollution compromises the health of people and other living creatures in our planet. It makes brown haze and corrosive rain, causes malignant growth and respiratory diseases,…

Air Pollution,

Environment Pollution,



Socioeconomic Impact on Health Case Study

Health promotion can be considered as the process for improving health or providing greater control over the health for people. The main aim for the health promotion would be to allow individual and group of people to attain the state for social, mental and physical well being. Health promotion process would identify & realize the…


Health Care,


Reproductive System

Employees’ Mental Health

In 6.8 people experience mental health issues in the workplace which is around 14.7% of the entire workforce in the UK (Mental Health Foundation, 2018). Working conditions or environment can have a significant impact on employees’ mental health, engagement and performance in their jobs (Mind, 2013). Many people are struggling in the workplace and they are affected by conditions…



Mental Health

Breastfeeding Health Message Aming Students

Introduction to the study Breastfeeding is the process of nourishing an infant with human milk through either direct suckling or feeding with expressed breast milk. The human milk contains all the required nutrients that the infant may require for better growth and improvement of survival rates. Health message on breastfeeding to the post delivered mothers…




What is Diabetes Disease

Diabetes is a chronic condition marked by high levels of sugar in the blood. It is caused by the body’s being unable to produce or use insulin effectively, or both. Type 1 diabetes – an autoimmune disease that usually has an onset early in someone’s life. Type 2 diabetes – the most common form of…




Why Healthy Lifestyle is Important

Healthy people view it as a lifestyle. It just does not end at the gym, or after a hike, or long walk. It repeated in how to eat, how much sleep that needs. The people who are the most successful and consistent at this are the ones who found healthy lifestyles that work best with…


Healthy Lifestyle

Breastfeeding and Health is a Matter

Parents are forced to make challenging decisions concerning their infants’ nutritional development. It is crucial that parents, especially mothers, are informed about the different ways in which they may feed their child so that they have the right to make informed decisions regarding their infant. One of these decisions includes whether to breastfeed or bottle…



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