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Suicide Risk Assessments

Suicide Risk Assessments as it Pertains to Rehabilitation Counseling Yoshekia Wilson Dr. Patrick Oigbokie Jackson State UniversitySpring 2014 Suicide and suicidal behavior is among the most common and the most dreaded mental healthcare issue Rehabilitation Counselors and other mental health professionals will face. A national survey found that about half of psychiatrists and one of…


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Issue of Farmers Suicide

Agriculture is largest and most sector of the Indian economy. More than 60% of the people depend upon agriculture & about 68% live on it in villages. According to the official estimate of 1991 census 40. 4% of rural population is estimates to live below the povety line against 28. 1% in urban areas. According…

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Cognitive Therapy for Suicide Prevention

44,965 Americans die by suicide each year and is the 10th cause of death in the United States. With that number increasing daily new treatments and strategies are being created to prevent this(Suicide Prevention, 2018). Cognitive Therapy for Suicide prevention is a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy program targeted towards adults who have previously attempted or thought of…

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Physician-Assisted Suicide

The right to assisted suicide is a significant topic that concerns people all over the United States. The debates go back and forth about whether a dying patient has the right to die with the assistance of a physician. Some are against it because of religious and moral reasons. Others are for it because of…


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Men and Suicide

From my point of view men are more likely to suicide than women and I will endorse over the reasons behind the suicide of men in further essay. Male suicide rates are higher than their female counterparts in almost every country around the world. Many developing countries have tried to introduce suicide prevention programmes, but…


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Suicide Exposure in Law Enforcement Officers

Problem Suicide and suicide ideations are problematic for first responders, but there is little research about this trend. The need for more examination on what might be the cause of this fact is evident. What research is out there, needs to be utilized more extensively by law enforcement agencies to help combat this problem in…



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Preventing Suicide 

Mental health is a topic in society that doesn’t get talked about enough because the facts and concerns are unaware. Suicide is a growing problem that society needs to understand better to help those at risk. Risks can be multiple factors found in different ethnicities and regions of the world. The definition of suicide is…


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Suicide in Pakistan

DAWN News published a survey on suicide on December 2018. The survey was conducted online, and respondants were asked to share their stories and views on suicide. There were a total of 5,157 total responses, which is a lot more than one would expect as suicides are rarely if ever reported in Pakistani media. One…


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Death of a Parent by Suicide

The death of a parent, mother or father in any situation is one of the most emotional, painful and difficult times someone can experience yet everyone will experience it at some point. That does not make it any easier to go through. The death of a parent is grief-filled and traumatic, and permanently alters children…




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Suicide: A Deliberate Death

Suicide is the act of deliberately instigating one’s own death. So many mental disorders, including schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, alcoholism and the use of various substances, both legal and illegal are all risk factors for suicide. But, Suicide and self-injury are problematic to foresee because at-risk persons are all too often not able…


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