Connection of Heart Health to Mental Health

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Heart Health can connect to Mental Health in many different ways. One way it can connect is if you have a stroke. A stroke can also be known as “brain attack”. When you get a stroke, it could be possible for your heart to stop. When a person has a stroke their blood flow through a part of the brain is blocked or a blood vessel that supplied the brain burst. This can cause many things. One of the many things is a loss of consciousness. When you lose your consciousness your brain can be affected badly, like the death of brain cells. When your brain cells die it can lead to many problems causing mental health issues. Your cells are there for sending signals to the rest of your body and if those cells die, your body won’t be able to function correctly. This would result in mental health issues. When a person can’t think properly, they get angry.

When they get angry they usually can become depressed. Depression can’t always be the outcome of heart health, but it is possible. Sometimes when you’re working on improving your heart health, you will hear others say that you should reduce your stress levels. Stress and anxiety are things that eventually everybody experiences during their life. Our lives can be filled with self- doubt, deadlines, peer pressure, exams, etc. When you let these things stress you out, you can experience some psychological side- effects. When your heart beats fast while watching a scary movie or going down a roller coaster, the same thing happens when we experience stress and anxiety.

The more stress we have in our lives, our heart will beat faster due to adrenaline that has been released into our blood. If we have more adrenaline in the heart than we should, we can experience an increase in blood pressure. High blood pressure is very hard on the heart, as the constant push of blood through the body puts immense strain on the heart. There are many more reasons how heart health can connect to mental health, but these are the few we learned in class.

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