Health Status of a Population

Updated February 18, 2022

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Health Status of a Population essay

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One example of a factor that can influence the health status of an individual is hereditary illnesses. The genes of an individual are known to influence their health from the point of being conceived, in which can not be amended or changed. An example of an illness or disease that can be influenced due to genetics is diabetes or cystic fibrosis.

Another example of a factor that can influence the health status of a population is their environment. Certain illnesses and diseases are possibly caused as a result of the quality of an individual’s environment. For example, unsanitary water, poor ventilation and overall poor sanitation. An example of this could be if a house had faulty pipes or damaged roof’s, and moisture being let in, this can then lead to the build-up of mould. As a result of this mould, there are common health effects that can be experienced. For example, people can possibly develop watery eyes, rashes, itchy eyes, and also coughing. My next example of a factor that influences the heath status of a population is peoples lifestyle choices. The ways in which people choose to live their life play a big part in determine their general health. This can include people’s culture, behaviour and also their habits.

An example of this is if people chose to smoke, in which can possibly lead to them developing lung related illnesses such as lung cancer or lung disease. Another example of this is alcoholism, in which could lead to illnesses such as the cardiovascular disease and also Foetal alcohol syndrome. If an individual has better life choices for example a healthy diet, regular sleep and an active lifestyle, this means that the will have better health overall.

Health Status of a Population essay

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