Four-Year-Old Calum’s Case

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The Social Work Department is involved with four-year-old Calum after concerns with his erratic attendance and several health dimensions were raised by his nursery team. This essay will identify lay explanations of health as accounts most evident in Calum’s life.

The World Health Organisation (1946) defined health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing’. Ewles & Simnett (2003) believed emotional, societal and spiritual dimensions wellbeing are also important aspects of health.

Calum’s failing to thrive physically, he is under-weight which highlights inadequate nutrition. Calum has recurring colds and infections. Children require a nutritional diet to develop and grow, and a poor diet can affect all dimensions of health. Calum’s poor speech indicates a delay in cognitive development. This can lead to developing emotional, social and behavioural problems which Calum is showing aggressive behaviour with other children and appears to have difficulty making and maintaining relationships.

Substance misuse by Calum’s parent can greatly impact on Calum’s physical and mental wellbeing with poor nursery attendance, malnourishment, unclean clothes which smelt of urine and destructive behaviour. Calum is struggling to deal with emotions by showing aggressive behaviours with toys and books. These are patterns of failing to provide for Calum’s basic needs. If societal health is not met it will affect Calum’s physical and mental wellbeing. NSPCC (2020) suggest substance misuse put children at risk of behavioural or emotional problems.

In conclusion, multidimensional demonstrates the complexity of health. To gain a holistic view of Calum’s health needs, the dimensions cannot be separated into sections. It shows all health dimensions are interrelated, having equal value as it is clear one dimension can significantly impact the other.

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