Health and Optimal Wellness

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In today’s media, our society uses the word “health” when it is referring to an individual being physically fit without considering other factors. However, being physically fit or known as fit, does not mean that one’s health is at optimal wellness; wellness is more than just being free from any type of illnesses or injuries, but it also requires and implements the idea that being mentally or emotionally and socially capable.

In order for someone to be healthy, individuals should be recommended to learn more about health education teaches individuals how to improve their health through learning or acquiring more knowledge on how physical, mental, and social health affect our overall wellness and how to seek ways of maintain a healthy balance in our lifestyles. Although, many people have learned to cope with their stress and problems which are part of our daily life, yet disruptions in our environments might cause tension in our emotional health, such as dealing with the death of a relative, suffering from some type of illness or getting divorced.

Even though, we might be healthy physically (as mentioned in the previous sentence), but our body might be affected due to our distress or anxiety, which then can lead to medical issues in the near future such as high blood pressure, shortness of breath, and so on. As mentioned, our social health also plays a big role on our overall wellness. Our social health is the ability of an individuals to create relationship with those another their environment; it also examines the ability of individuals to adapt to new social settings and how to act upon those.

In order to build a interpersonal network of friends, peers, or acquaintances, individual need to develop good communication skills, comprehension, and social skills. By being able to develop this skills, individuals are able to acquire better self esteems, identity, and other benefits. In contrast, developing negative actions or skills such as violence, withdrawn, arrogance, and selfishness will damage our social health due to the inability of sharing and having time to interact with others.

Thus causing that individual to be stressed be unable to rely on peers to talk about some issue that might be bothering him or her therefore said peer might been be able to make him or her feel better and give advice in regards to the issue. As seen, they are interdependent in each other because without a healthy social life and healthy emotional state. consequently, we aren’t able to completely be healthy due to all these factor combined which impact us physically as well; it could be interpreted as being a cycle.


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