Concept of Black Feminism

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Black feminism proponents argue that black women are positioned within structures power in fundamentally different ways than white women. In this concept, the pronoun “ they”, will be interchangeably be used when referring to other race or gender. The pronoun carries negative undertones in which it can be used to refer to black women in various places of society. It is without doubt that, black proponents will advance for black women to be individually identified as “she” instead of “they”. To individually identity a black women as a “she”, you singularly recognize her role and strength in the society.

In everyday interaction, gender is constantly being used to perceive people and their assumed roles in the society. As a black women living in a cultural intensive republic. Gender neutral pronouns are used in different conversations. Gender neutral pronouns are commonly used to neglect an individual’s gender role in the society and their status. I therefore disagree with the use of gender neutral pronouns.

In conclusion gender is associated with being a social construct looking at certain expected traits from the society. Black feminism is more into favor for white women that black, in a gender neutral pronouns “they”.

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