Why Do We Need to Dream?

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Not having dreams resembles pursuing a traceless homicide. It resembles following an undetectable shadow. It is an appalling goose chase. We should realize what we need to do and pursue that aspiration. We can’t accomplish anything in existence without objectives, and for these objectives, we must dream. The clear majority of people have dreams.

Enormous ones or little ones. Indeed, even the most successful individuals had dreams and that is the thing that has made them what they are today. Dreaming is basic for an individual. On the off chance that we don’t have a dream, we can never appreciate the extravagances of life or everything that life brings to the table. Without dreams we will never feel that ecstatic feeling of achievement, we will never get pride in what we do and what we have achieved. Every one of these things is vital for people and without these emotions, there is no inspiration.

To be an achiever, one needs to get ready for it which can just stop by being a dreamer at first. In this way, we can state that there is an immediate connection among success and dreaming for the achievement, and one can’t refute the significance of the impractical side of it totally.

The author of the book, “Generation me” by Jean Twenge who is the psychology professor in San Diego university gives the idea about the dream that changes over generations. In the great expectation chapter author Jean Twenge evaluate the data result that says around 84% students are expected to graduate in four years, but actual result is 41% students graduate.

Jean Twenge called this as an ambitious generation. She is also comparing results for PhD students that in the beginning students want to PhD but somehow, they did not finish their PhD. She also mentions that young people need to know that after many years hard work they can achieve the goals. She correlates the situation with giving this example.

Following the dreams like a good principle until that every waiter in LA following their dreams to becoming an actor, and most of them won’t succeed. Readers may be attracted to the Jene’s argument, which contributes fascinating researched she did. However, on the other hand for setting the goal in life dream is necessary. In my opinion we need to reevaluate the data and example and needs to think more profoundly.

Let me introduce one my personal story that might help you, why we need to dream. One of the world’s best writer, Paulo Coelho wrote in his book Alchemist, “When you really desire something from the heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it” I am grown up by reading his book, so I take his words very seriously. The second thing that I am taking seriously is, my dreams. On and off I am always a dreamer but the one dream I always dreamt of is to see the northern lights.

So, I told myself, whenever I have enough time and money, I will sure visit it. I was studying in new jersey and I had to back in India in six months. So, my life goal became to plan a trip to Alaska to see the northern lights. I earned very little money back then. Rarely enough to pay my rent but I would still save a little every month.

So, I was in a very strict budget that I need to eat potato fries as a dinner for three consecutive days. But honestly it is not as bad as it sounds because it was something that I was doing for myself.my last six months in New Jersey was like, I woke up at 7:00 am and went to college. Mostly college finishes around 5:00 pm and do some volunteer hours at the hospital and came back home around 8:00 pm.

Every night before sleeping I did some research, what is the best time to see the northern light in Alaska, what would be the weather in Alaska, how much hotel cost. At any given time, my laptop was open with ten to fifteen different tabs for northern light. Fortunately, I find similar interest friend at the hospital where I was doing volunteer work. We decide to go to Alaska on March 8, 2017.

Let me tell you the main secret about the northern lights. They are the most unpredictable light in the world. They appear only when the weather and conditions just right for them to appear. And these conditions are very rare. However, I might be living my dream soon. I was restless, anxious, excited and full of light. We were in Alaska on March 8, south of Alaska to be precise.

It was cold. We went to the hotel and get ready for the lights. Now it’s a showtime, it’s night. I already downloaded the northern light app on my phone, which tells me when I can see the northern light and chances of seeing lights or not. The app basically on that night predict zero percent chances. But I convinced myself, whether in Alaska is unpredictable and it would change any time.

So, I grab a Coffey and ride towards the site which is an hour from hotel and outside of a city. It was a freezing temperature. The sky was full of stars there was not even a single empty spot in the sky. The moment was so magical that I almost forgot about the northern lights. I was staring at the skyline right in the sky’s eyes and said, hey universe, please show me that you are listing me, show me the lights, please. To be honest, the magic happens, and light showed up at that moment and I think I cried a little. I cried a little because it was so cold, and my tears felt so warm. The lights were dancing, and I screamed and within fifteen seconds they were gone.

It was almost appearing to just tell me the universe was infect listening and that if I wish hard enough, I work hard enough and if I believe sincerely enough, I will always see the light. From that day till now, life shows me a lot of ups and downs, and the days when life is throwing a bunch of lemons on my way. I just know that I must wish and work hard enough and ask the universe to make it happen.

In the book Generation Me, Jean Twenge provides the data that shows 84% students are expected to graduate in four years, but actual result is 41% students graduate. Jean Twenge called this as an ambitious generation. Let reevaluate the data in other direction. Why around 40% students graduate. The answer might be they have dream to be a graduate. There are so many individuals in the world that are so talented, but they never accomplished anything.

The body has restrictions, however, the brain does not. As a human, we focus much more on the things what the world wants to let us see. Why most people never achieve their goals and only 41 percent really achieve their goal? The simple answer is the 41 percent people really dream about their plan.

James Allen, British philosophical writer known for his inspirational books and poetry said, “The dreamer are the saviors of the world, without them, the world would stand still there.” There would be no progress. There would be neither innovation nor growth without the dreamers. Without them who might push the limit of human possibilities? Without them who would turn the impossible to possible. Around two hundred years ago, if someone told that a thirty-ton metal object could fly from one point of earth to another point of earth, and land safely.

People would tell that guy crazy. At that time, it was impossible. But thankfully the Wright brothers did not think so and now we have airplanes. What if someone told that, humans get the small object on the hand and with that one can talk with their relatives 5000 miles away. People at that time would not convince but Alexander Graham Bell the inventor of the telephone proves them wrong. Humanity might stop without dreamers. The talent, gift, and ability are given to us to save the world.

Many people are afraid to dream only because if they dream they might invest all their time and efforts and energy and at the last moment, they realize it was waste of time. Fear of the unknown is the common obstacle. Once we consciously decide, the entire universe jumps on the world with us. The universe will guide and steer us. To where we need to go. All we need is a silent belief that is possible if this is a burning desire in a heart. Sometimes close friends and relatives doubts about a person’s ability. But the research shows that if the person dreams it sincerely with great passion, they will successes. The other person cannot see a vision of dreamer.

In the book Generation me, Jean Twenge also provides example on pg. no.113 of LA waiter. She says that “following a dream is a good principle until every waiter in LA realize that most of them won’t succeed to become an actor.” The difference between being practical and impractical lies in fulfilling dreams and building castles in the air.

A person may just dream about making it big someday and wish for an overnight change to happen. While few have been fortunate to experience such a supernatural occurrence, it isn’t the situation when all is said in done. One must arrangement and work towards achieving their goal. Common sense is in depending upon your diligent work instead of sitting tight for a supernatural occurrence to occur.

Notwithstanding, there is a connection between dreaming to become showbiz royalty and progressing in the direction of satisfying these dreams. While a person can fulfill his dreams only by working, one sets these high aims and goals only by dreaming. On the off chance that a man does not dream and envision the unthinkable and stays happy with what he has, he can never accomplish anything exceptional in his life. It also proves in generation me book written by Jean Twenge who is also the Ph.D. professor of psychology.

According to her, “If you can imagine it, it can come true.” (Twenge 114) Dreams are the gateway to understanding the unconscious mind – our hidden desires and underlying thoughts. Through our dreams – we address ourselves about what is happening in our lives, we manage ourselves through troublesome circumstances, and we point ourselves towards what we truly, genuinely and profoundly need to carry on with the existence we are intended to live. No one truly knows what is best for you, other than you!

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