Dream Jar

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How the Dream Jar Appeared

In XVI century, there was a small family of villagers. The family consisted of a father, mother and their little 8 years old son. The son’s name was Tom. Tom’s father was an astronaut and scientist, his mother was a householder. Tom’s father always shared his work with his son. He used to show him the beauty of the space by telescope. Looking to his father’s work Tom has got interested to see how the space looks like. From his early childhood Tom had a dream to see the space. As a poor villager, Tom’s father did not have an opportunity to show his notes to people who can help him to develop his work.

Everyone believed that he is insane and that he lies, but Tom always believed his father and wanted to show the world that space is real. Tom several times tried to create something that will help him to visit the space, he tried many ways, he tried to get there by bicycle, he tried to build wings but they did not work. Once Tom’s mother told him a story about a witch who was flying with her magic broom and Tom got an idea to try their broom but unfortunately, he failed again.

Tom’s father saw how hard his son was working to gain his dream so that it inspired him to make a jar which can realize his dream. His scientific skills helped him to create the dream jar. While Tom was making another plan, his father interrupted him, showed him the jar and said that it will help him to gain his dream. Tom was confused because the jar was empty. The father asked him to take the jar, close his eyes and tell it his dream. Tom told the jar his dream and when he opened his eyes, he realized that he was in the space. This jar made Tom’s dream come true.

After many years getting to space became a normal thing. People have created new technology that helps them to go to the space, fly, go under the water and gain other dreams which seemed impossible to gain in the past. In 2100 everything became occupied by technology so the dream jar also became technological. People created technology because they believed that it can realize all their dreams, but unfortunately there are still dreams that cannot be realized. For example: transferring in to the past and future, catch the star, have a super power, do not get old and eat without getting weight.

There are many memories passed that a person would like to go back to or a passion to see the future that they are going to have. There are many boys who promise the girl to catch the star for them, but are not able to do that. There are children who dream to have a super power like their favorite heroes, there are women who do not want to get old and lose their beauty and there are girls who dream to eat what they want without getting weight.

If you also have these kinds of dreams that in your opinion are never going to happen, our dream jar is the best solution to your problem. The dream jar is able to make three of your main dreams come true. In the first look it seems empty but it contains dreams that have not been realized yet. If you do not believe in existence of our dream jar, we can provide you an example of our loyal customer Kendal Janner, the most famous model of the century.

Everyone is interested on how Kendal Janner keeps her youth and beauty. She had a dream to not get old so she got our dream jar which made her dream come true. Do not lose your opportunity to make dreams true, come to us and get the dream jar. Tell it your dreams and feel that it is possible. If you get this jar you will never suffer from goals that were impossible to achieve again. Surprise your family and friends with the jar full of dreams.

Sales and Location

Where can you get the jar? The dream is available in many stores of America, but the main store is located in the head of The Statue of Freedom in New York from where you will be able to see the incredible view of the town. For people who are out of New York we provide online shopping which has a delivery to all the countries and cities around the world. The price of the simple dream jar is 300 $. Also, we have different sales and discounts. For example: we have a sale called “Family Sale” and “Friends Sale”. “Family Sale” is mostly created for big families. If the family, consisted of 7 members buys 5 jars it gets 2 free jars for the rest members of the family. The number of free jars depends on the number of family members. In the sale for friends if 3 friends buy 2 jars, they get one jar for free.


Our store produces dream jars in different colors and designs. If the customer wants to change the design of the jar or wants a dream jar including any picture or name, our store has a particular option for this. The price of this option adds from 10 to 30$ to the actual price. This option can be a good gift for any holiday. There is separate sale for the designed jar. For example: if the person who has birthday wants to buy a jar, he does not need to pay extra 10-30$ for the design.

Updates and Advertisement

The disadvantage of our dream jar was the quantity of dreams produced. People were complaining about the limitation of the dreams. This is not an issue anymore. This year we produced a new type of jars with new shapes and ability to realize 5 dreams. It is obvious that with the higher quality comes a higher price. The price of our new dream jar is 500$. We can surprise you with the information that our sales are the same. Moreover, If the customers want to see the jar before buying it, they can search for it on our web-site. It is also advertised on many TV channels and popular magazines.


The dream jar has changed the life of many people. We already have many loyal customers who gained their dreams and are very satisfied with their life. We are very happy to see our consumer’s satisfaction and recommendations. We would like to share our dream jars with everyone so that every person who has a big dream can make it happen. “Don’t give up in your dreams and realize them with the dream jar!”

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