Importance of Dialogue in Cinematograhy

Updated October 19, 2020

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Importance of Dialogue in Cinematograhy essay

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The dialogue is a very important technique in the scene. As a possible example we can see his understanding of capitalism in the world. Both have at the beginning of the scene calm voices, and it changes to a harsher way where Louis answers as fast as a shot of a gun without looking away. This could mean that he has expected that Nina doesn’t agree with him, which leads to a very planful person and where he has in most situations a different way of getting his goals prepared. Another scene would be the scene straight after the opening scene, where Louis is with a builder in a construction zone, where Louis reacts the same way. It seems that he has always one way of doing things and if it doesn’t work, he should find another one. But if he used all his techniques and the person doesn’t do what he wants he doesn’t know how to react which supports the theory of his sociopathy.

When Louis talks (from 2:05) to the end of the scene the camera zooms into him, to create more drama and to let us know that he is serious about what he is talking about it. In this moment Nina looks “unhappy” about his reaction and expected a softer and more calm reaction to him. Gilroy gives also both characters screen time depending on their answer, which is interesting because his answers are in a moment shorter, but he is more dominant in this conversation.

The medium close-up shot is used at the start of the scene when Louis is talking to Nina about the film he took. The camera is close to both characters, so the viewer has a good view to both character’s facial expressions… Nina and Louis have totally different expressions – not only because Louis is “the attacker” and Nina should defend, but in general we can see, that she is reacts softer which supports also her warm and nice personality. Maybe she is also a little bit deceitful. She knows, that he has something that she wants. Not only in a material way, it is more personal.

This makes me think about how people interact to each other in such a simple way, that a lot of people miss those (facial) information’s which could lead to misunderstandings and incomprehension.

Importance of Dialogue in Cinematograhy essay

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