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Does Climate Change Actually Exist?

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Does Climate Change Actually Exist? essay
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2018, going on 2019, a trending topic was conspiracy theories. Questions such as: is the Earth flat? Does the government have weather weapons? And most notably, does climate change actually exist? How our young generation can think of such things. Climate change, a change in climate patterns; an increase of CO2 in the air, has been suspected to be around since the early 19th century. Since then many have argued whether or not the phenomenon could be real. While many may (and will) argue; climate change is happening, and affecting us faster than we can react.

Recently, signs of climate change have shone brighter than ever. August 17, 2017, a tropical depression hit a beloved city in the south, Houston, Texas. No one was ready for the debilitating hurricane. 13 months later, California wildfire season came around, again, no one was ready for it. Both disasters wiped an entire city, both hurt people. While there were only less than a hundred deaths combined there is no way the tragedy wouldn’t leave an impact on the people. According to Article 1, “[Federal government agencies] say they are more certain than ever that climate change poses a threat to Americans’ health and pocketbooks, as well as the country’s natural resources.” On the contrary, “The report released Friday, November 23, does not give recommendations to the government. However, the report’s sense of urgency contrasts with the lack of any clear plan from President Donald Trump to tackle the problems.”.

Furthermore, “officials from 200 countries agree on ways to fight climate change.”. On December 12, 2015, the Paris Agreement was signed, its main goal to “curb the increase of the world’s average temperature by the end of the century.” . However, America’s decision to promote coal as an energy source lead President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Paris Agreement in the early summer of 2017. Not long ago (December 15, 2018) a meeting was held in Katowice, Poland, where executives from almost 200 countries came to an agreement to cut emissions and restrain global warming. A decision on the carbon credits, “the right to release a certain amount of greenhouse gases,”, is postponed until the next U.N summit meeting in September 2019.

In spite of the evidence and governments taking action, many still question if climate change truly exists, or in the words of Donald Trump, a hoax “made up by the Chinese.” “The climate of Greenland was warm enough for farming around the year A.D. 1100 but by 1500 the Little Ice Age drove Norse settlers out. There is no opportunity for a hoax,’ [William Happer] says, as climate change has been so well-documented over time.”. Many of the people who don’t believe in climate change, do believe in climate change but aren’t convinced it’s man-made disasters.

William Happer also wrote, “Climate has been changing since the Earth was formed — some 4.5 billion years ago. Climate changes on every time scale — whether decades, centuries or millennia,”. Yet, we know Earth’s process, cycle for anything to make an impact can take hundreds to millions of years. Latterly, many disasters have been happening quickly, too quickly. To illustrate, Arizona used to be grassland, not the dry desert we portray it to be. Just happening right now, the East is flooding and the South is burning. The former examples were all happening in America, can you imagine what is happening to the rest of the world?

In essence, climate change is real, and it’s affecting us faster than we would like. Tragedies have struck us and scientists believe they will worsen. With all the evidence and scientists, “not paid by the fossil fuel industry,” , confirming it, many still don’t regard climate change as true. Those who aren’t confident in climate change, are those who weaken our planet, ruin it. Would you want your children and their children to live in a world that’s dying? If people start to believe in climate change we can change the future of this planet. But it can only start when we give credence to climate change.

Does Climate Change Actually Exist? essay

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How do we know global warming exists?
The physical and biological changes that confirm climate warming include the rate of retreat in glaciers around the world, the intensification of rainfall events, changes in the timing of the leafing out of plants and the arrival of spring migrant birds, and shifting of the range of some species.
What is the evidence for climate change?
There is evidence for climate change in the form of rising temperatures and changes in precipitation.
What's the real cause of climate change?
The real cause of climate change is the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These gases trap heat and cause the Earth's temperature to rise.
When did climate change actually start?
The instrumental temperature record shows the signal of rising temperatures emerged in the tropical ocean in about the 1950s . Today's study uses the extra information captured in the proxy record to trace the start of the warming back a full 120 years, to the 1830s.
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