Moving To America Narrative Essay

Updated July 15, 2021

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Moving To America Narrative Essay essay

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America has always been a place, I wanted to live. With the movies I grew up watching; America seemed to be the perfect place that is rich , no poor people ,no violence, no struggles. In 2015 i finally got my visa to come in USA and was so excited about it. Surprisingly i had to live in a basement for a few month until I was able to get my own place it’s something that i never imagined.

Because back home we can easily own houses but here it’s way different easily its way expensive, my dad told me owning a house it’s not that easy, people here still don’t own them, they are all banked own and they have to pay monthly for the morgage. So this was the first thing that made me realize America life wasn’t that easy and perfect as i had imagined. After, staying for a while, I was eager to get myself a job,was tired of staying in the house. It was so hard to get one due to lack experience. I couldn’t use my education from back home to get a job. So everything was dark for me at first; I had to take some short courses, that would enable me to get a job. Most things that I had imagined were not as expected especially with the healthcare; although the services are good.But the services are too expensive to manage.

Honestly, America is too expensive people have to do multiple jobs to be able to pay the bills, I personally had to get 2 jobs to be able to save up for school and get my first car for easy commuting. When it came to school, this was shocking how college is so expensive especially for out state students; it was difficult to begin school right away when we moved in America we had to move in the county, at least in county tuition is more cheaper. Back home we don’t have to worry about paying for school,its parents obligation to do so. Also don’t have to work and go to school at the same time.

However,there are some things that i do appreciate about America.There are many opportunities that a person can grow from or be assisted with.For example taking care of disabled,food stamps,jobs,education. So far i have found that people living in the US are very friendly and communicative. What is immediately notable is that everyone is smiling to you, saying “hi”, wishing you to have a good day and asking if you need help. I like being in such a friendly atmosphere very much. In my home country it is different. People seem to be too busy with their own things and rushed too much.We don’t have this smiling culture.We do have a friendly and good people in Tanzania too,but it seems now to me not as much as here.

Moving To America Narrative Essay essay

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