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New York City Water System

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New York City


New York City is one of the cities with the cleanest and best tasting drinking water of any City in the world. Scientists from the Department Environmental Protection test the quality of the water each day. The water system of New York City provides one billion gallons of drinking water each day to a total…

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Central Park in New York City

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New York City

United States

New York City’s Central Park is considered to be one of the most well known urban parks in the world. Central Park is also known as the first park in the United States to have been constructed through landscaping. It offers many recreational activities, entertainment, and cultural related information for New Yorkers and tourists alike….

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Six Tips for Safer Cycling in New York City

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New York City


Cycling is a wonderful way to get around New York City. More and more people are ditching packed buses and trains in favor of cycling. It’s a healthy, eco-friendly way to explore the city or commute to work, and becoming much more accessible with the rise of Citibike. The New York City government has also…

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Why New York is a Special City?

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New York City

United States

The city of New York was founded in 1624 in United States of America . After two years the establish the colony of new Amsterdam on Manhattan Island in 1664, The English took control of the area and renamed it New York. The New York City comprises 5 boroughs sitting where the Hudson River meets…

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Jane Jacobs and History of New York City

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New York City

United States

New York City is a city known for its billboards, buildings, parks, neighborhoods and bridges. Since its days under the British colony New York has expanded in more ways than one thanks to certain people but, it also has lost it’s feel thanks to those same people. Robert Moses would be an example of one…

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Different Views of New York City

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New York City

United States

It is universally acknowledged that most individuals tend to view things from different perspectives, angles, and lenses. Take New York, for example, a city praised for lighting up the hearts of its inhabitants and making them seem content with its attractions also has its untold stories. As one of the most acclaimed semi-critic writers of…

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What Are Some of The Secret Celebrity Hangouts And Fancy Places in New York?

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New York City


There are some hidden places restaurants, bars, hidden restaurants and hidden roof top bars in New York cities where we can see celebrities. In this article we discuss about some important hidden restaurants, bars and some other places. ABC Kitchen ABC (Always Bursting w/Celebrities) Kitchen is basically a restaurant. It is home supplying store and most…

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The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald

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Book Summary


New York City

The Great Gatsby

The 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, displays the lives of the upper class people during the Roaring 20’s. This novel takes place in the imaginary towns of East and West Egg of New York. The East Egg is for old money and where Jordan, Tom and Daisy live. The West Egg…

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Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority

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Cultural Diversity


New York City

The journal of Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology published an article titled “Documentation status and psychological distress among New York City community college students.” This research study explores how psychological distress, self-esteem, and academic performance vary across at risk, temporary, and stable immigration statuses. If fear of deportation be it yourself or a family…

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Disaster Preparedness: Hurricane Irene 

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Natural Disasters

New York City

Preparing for disasters is an important step to help in mitigating the negative effects of disasters. Without adequate preparation, Communities and nations may be unable to address some of these negative effects due to the associated damage that may require a large number of resources to manage the disaster (Daniel, 2011). Disaster preparedness involves the…

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