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Give Thanks in Thanksgiving Day

Over twenty two million dollars were raised by many companies for the twenty fifteen St. Jude’s Give Thanks commercial. St. Jude’s is a children’s hospital that isprimarily supported by donations. With these donations no family has to worry about a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food. Because Thanksgiving is a holiday that everyone enjoys…


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Thanksgiving Day in My Childhood

We are blessed daily, starting with the fact that we get to wake up in the morning and face the day ahead. Sometimes the things we are grateful for are big, like a new job or the birth of a child. Other times they are small like enjoying a cup of coffee to start the…


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Youngsters Thanksgiving Crafts 

Many of the youngsters Thanksgiving crafts that are advised on Internet internet sites center around handmade turkeys. Maybe that is as a result of the turkey is what we most associate with Thanksgiving. But whenever you look around for kids Thanksgiving crafts to make, you may as well discover crafts that feature pilgrims as well…


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Celenrating of Thanksgiving Essay

When it comes to life, everyone is completely different in a sense of what we do and how we interact. As certain events go on, like at a party or family gathering, it is easy to point out the gender norms and roles that are present in the room. Gender norms are present in different…


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My Favorite Holidays

Every year people cannot wait for certain things to come around whether it is school, sports or even a specific event. However, that is not the case for myself because I look forward to the holidays in the winter time. The decorations that are seen outside while driving, the cheerful children playing and laughing or…



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The Invention of Thanksgiving

Modern day Thanksgiving can be shown from the first feast with the Pilgrims in 1621. This holiday is simply a show of good faith for a good harvest. The pilgrims came to North America is seeking a good life, and began a American holiday still celebrated to this day. Without the pilgrims to settle in…

American Culture,



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What Thanksgiving means to me.


Of all the holidays dear to the hearts of Americans, Thanksgiving is one of the more controversial ones. On one hand, it is meant to represent the friendship between the Native population of the continent and the colonists, and on the other, it reminds us of the atrocities committed by European settlers against the Natives. Go through the essays about Thanksgiving, and you’ll see that most people focus on the more positive aspects of this holiday, which surely is a good thing, but we should never forget what this day means in its entirety. It reminds us of the unfair treatment of the native tribes that populated the Americas before Europeans came in, and you should not omit that in your Thanksgiving essay. As a student, you need to be thorough in your examination of any topic, and holidays are not an exception. Ask your college teacher or read some Thanksgiving essay samples to see what this day is all about. Do not ignore the ugly truth and do not forget about the good things either.


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