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Spring in “Just In” by E. E. Cummings Summary

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The poem that I chose was Just In by E.E Cummings. This poem is about the start of a new season, the poet is evoking a fresh way of rendering the freshness of spring. The season is a part of the unending cycle of nature, and the poem’s title is an expression of that ongoing…

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Nature in Spring

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Everyone has a pleasant place to escape for relaxing. They go there when they want to be isolated from every other person and to not be disturbed. My most adored place is nature in the mid-year because it’s not too hot or cold I don’t have to worry about buckling up or shoveling the snow,…

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My Hometown during Springtime

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My Hometown pure and calm river divides the range of the high mountains and the flourishing trees and field into two parts. This mellow and clean river, which never stops running, is converged by many spring waters from the depths of the mountains. Terraced fields are surrounded by rows of fresh and green trees, that are…

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Spring on Walden Pond

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During spring, the ice in the Walden Pond thaws and there is a celebration of the rebirth of nature as well as the spirit. Ice on the Walden Pond fascinates Henry David Thoreau a striking amount. Thoreau watches the breaking of the ice in great awe of the mystery and goes on to describe in…

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5 Essential Spring Farming Preparation Tips

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The first day of spring, March 20th is approaching us quickly. For farmers, this is a critical time that predicts the upcoming success of their spring and summer seasons. Spring is a time to establish a foundation for the summer and layout some groundwork. Read below to start this season off on the right foot…

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