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Tornado as a Natural Disaster

“No wind-measuring instrument has ever survived the impact of a full tornado” (Ludlum 112). Tornadoes are one of the most destructive natural disasters on earth (“Tornado”). Tornadoes can generate winds in the three hundred mile per hour range. They have been reported on all continents except Antarctica. Tornadoes may occur wherever conditions favour the development…

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Tornado Survival Plan in Monroe, North Carolina

My hometown, Monroe, North Carolina, has suffered a few tornadoes, and I have formed a plan to help people survive it. The city of Monroe is located a few miles outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and is a part of Union County. It is a small suburb that is surrounded by a lot of open…

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The Albion Tornado in 1985

The Albion tornado was devastating to the town, but they must have updated their protocol to be safer when another tornado comes through in the future. So, what is their new protocol to keep them safer On May 31st, 1985 it was a normal day, but it soon turned to devastation as 43 tornados had…

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My Mom was in a Tornado

For my essay in interviewed my family friend April and my mom Jennifer. The first interview I will be talking about is April’s. She was in Hurricane Hugo in 1989. My mom was in a tornado. April lived in Monroe, NC and she was about 12 or 13 years old when hurricane hugo hit. It…

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