Employment Telephone Interviews

Updated September 17, 2021

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Employment Telephone Interviews essay

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A phone call allows the employer to decide whether the applicant is a solid match, and to measure his or her enthusiasm for the employment opportunity. Generally, the meeting will be planned, but in other cases it may be an unexpected telephone call. Careersidekick.com says its best to get ready for a telephone meet similarly as you would for a normal interview. In most cases, it aids to have an outline of individual strengths and weaknesses that could possibly pertain to the job at hand. tHis small outline will help you answer potential questions that the interviewer may ask during the phone call.

Also, the interviewer wants to know that you are actually interested in this position, thus it is wise to list out a few possible questions that they may be able to answer for you.. These questions should be focused on job details and other job-related information such as scheduling, benefits, pay, and any accommodations that you may need. Set aside the time to focus your list of capabilities to the set of job requirements, which will inform the interviewer of your skill set for the job at hand and possibly answer their questions as to why you are the proper prospect for the employment opportunity. Tell the employer about past jobs you have held and what tasks those jobs required you to complete. Have a duplicate of your resume close by, so you can allude to it amid the meeting. Likewise have a duplicate of the job posting if one was provided.

For what reasons do companies utilize these types of interviews? For the most part, telephone interviews are one of the least costly and time-consuming interview methods. Telephone interviews are frequently used to screen competitors in order to narrow down a pool of possible candidates for a face to face interview. For some situations, like remote employment opportunities, a telephone call might be the single interview method available.

Once again, telephone interviews are beneficial to both the employer as well as the prospective employee. They are more time efficient, and more cost efficient as opposed to coordinating a face to face conversation. On the contrary, telephone meetings can be troublesome since neither the interviewer or interviewee can see each other, thus visual pieces of information such as emotions and body language are missing. Keep in mind that this type of chatting on the telephone isn’t as simple as it appears. The key with any interview is to be prepared beforehand. Practice can help with flow of conversation as well as communication information timely and effectively.. It will not only assist your answers to normal telephone questions but will likely keep you from articulating or talking either too quick or too slowly.

Employment Telephone Interviews essay

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