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Effects of ADLI on SET and Economic Growth of Ethiopia

The prime role of ADLI is to transform the traditional agrarian economy to advanced industrial economy through inter-sectoral linkages between agriculture and industrial sectors. In line with ADLI, Johnston & Mellor (1961) documented that agriculture contributes to economic growth through inter-sectoral linkages in: (i) supply of surplus labor to firms in the industrial sector; (ii)…

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Impact of Microfinance on the Moroccan Economic Growth

The Moroccan banking system is highly modeled from the banking system of France. The Moroccan banking includes 3 principal banks (Attijariwafa Bank, Banque Populaire, BMCE Bank) which account for almost 50% of the market share and is highly concentrated on them with other institutions working in specialized areas such as agriculture. At the end of…

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History of Economic Growth in Singapore

Economic challenges faced by Singapore after Independence It can be argued that no country made the leap from Third World poverty to developed world affluence as quickly and completely as Singapore did. In the 1960s, Singapore was known for its opium dens, gang-ridden streets, fetid slums and racial tensions. Now its is known for its…


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Effects of Agriculture on Economic Growth

Does agriculture played a vital role to induce faster growth in Ethiopia? Under what conditions it played important role? Those questions are very important to search for smallholding farming role in economic development of Ethiopia. It is central to predict the future of agriculture in economic growth and recommend choices of idea for policy makers….

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Consequences of Economic Growth on Environment

Introduction Economic growth is the increase in the capacity to provide people with goods and services, and increase in Gross Domestic Product, or the increase of a nations capacity to provide goods and services to its people(Miller G.T. & Spoolman S.E. 2009), they further go on to describe environmental degradation as a depletion or destruction…

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How Does Technology Affect the Economic Growth

Introduction ‘’Prof. Schumpeter, (1951) defines Economic thought as the sum of all the opinions and desires concerning economic subjects especially with public policies of different times and places.’’ He also mentioned that the history of economic thought traces the historical change of attitudes and it identifies different economic problems and at the same time offer…

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Effect of Economic Growth on Income Inequality

The main goal of this study is to study and analyze how economic growth affects income inequality, and at the same time to check the empirical validity of other factors. The article discusses the research methodology of theoretical models of advanced economic development. The essence of accelerated development and its objective need for self-reproducing growth…


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Economic Inequality

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Role of Division of Labor in Economics

Division of labor is the assignment of different parts of a manufacturing process or task to different people in order to improve efficiency (Lexico, 2020). This processed is used to produce a greater quantity of output by employees and businesses that can meet the demand for goods and services by creating a smoother flow and…

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Globalization and Its Impact on the Environment 

Globalization, by definition, is the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and government. Globalization has grown throughout the years due to advance in transportation and communication technology. From an economic perspective, globalization involves goods, services, technology, and data. Though many scholars place the origins of globalization in modern times, others trace its history…

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Benefits of Minimum Wage Raising

Since 1998, the National Minimum Wage has merely increased from £3.60 to £7.83 per hour – that is only a £4.23 increase over the past two decades. Imagine how you would feel, earning so little after working long, hard and exhausting shifts in order to keep your family financially afloat – inconceivable is it not?…

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Raising Minimum Wage

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