Video Interview Analysis

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As I watched my partner’s video interview, I paid close attention to her verbal and nonverbal cues and how appropriate they were to the situation. One of the first things to catch my attention was her good eye contact. Eye contact helps us interpret the cues of the interviewer. They might be interested or displeased in something we said. We can notice such stuff by maintaining eye contact and paying close attention to there nonverbal cues.

Similar to how we draw conclusions they are also profiling us. Someone, who looks down at their feet shows a lack of sincerity or incompetence, something we would not like to see in a nurse. Cynthia showed that she had interest and respect by maintaining good eye contact. Although, Cynthia maintained good eye contact she did not move her hands. They were stiffly at her side for the duration of the video. While some cultures gesture more than others, we all tend to place emphasis on ideas with our hands. Not doing so will convey the false idea we are indifferent to what is being said. There is no need for us to practice gesturing rather allow them to flow.

Overall, when it came time to answer the questions Cynthia’s answers were clear and concise. What she gave was to the point there was no dwelling over a question. When she stumbled over a word she corrected herself and moved on.

Cynthia’s to the direct method was ineffective at times. For her thirty-second commercial, I believed she needed to elaborate a bit more. When she mentions choosing her ‘immediate college’ I would have loved if she elaborated on how this college has helped her prepare for the job she is pursuing. She also spoke about her high school GPA but not her college GPA. Neither did she mention any first-hand volunteer work that she had done. However, I can still appreciate that she did not over speak which can falsely signal to the interviewer she has an inflated ego. For her second question, she could have briefly mentioned how taking care of her sick aunt was a challenge she embarked in and how her determination, focus, and hardworking personality benefitted her.

Overall, the video showed proper syntax and diction. Her words demonstrated an awareness to whom she was speaking to. There was no colloquialism which would have distracted or given a bad impression to the interviewer. Colloquialism at times discourages interviewers from hiring because it shows to them a lack of professionalism and effort.

Now I will discuss my partners’ attire and setting. Cynthia chooses a professional blue dress shirt and minimal flattering makeup. No bold makeup guru eyeshadow to distract rather something that emphasized her features. While some companies encourage casual clothing others prefer professional attire. Especially in areas where workers will be interacting with clients, prospective business partners or other professionals. Remember first impressions are often gained from the basis of how we dress, are we too casual? Is fashion trendy or sporty? Her clothing suggests that she is a professional who takes her interview serious and will, therefore, take her job seriously.

I loved her lighting which emphasized her features, there was no harsh glare to distract or shadows to make the interviewer squint. Surroundings also allowed Cynthia to remain the focal point of the interview and not a distracting background that clashed with her clothing or noise to prevent her words from being heard. The small decorations prevented the room from being bland, rather it looks inviting which can lead the interviewer to characterize her as warm and friendly.

Now on to discuss the most important aspects of an interview: the introduction and the conclusion. Cynthia’s introduction was too quick, blink and you miss it. I had to listen really hard to distinguish what she spoke. She was at the point where most of us are shy and quiet but as she when through the interview her voice got to the perfect level. Take into consideration that after the background and attire the only other thing that can really harm our prospects is how we begin our interview. The introduction is the only thing you can really control afterward the questions are decided by the interviewer.

While her conclusion was at a much better level, remember that an interviewer often ends the interview by allowing us to ask a question. Being prepared for that shows that you are not only prepared but interested. The question that Cynthia used showed that she is interested in not only the job but the company as well. Asking about what happens next in the interview process also shows that we are eager to get to the next phase of the interview. I personally would have liked for her to have finished with something more professional than ‘okay’ when the interviewer gave her answer. Perhaps, it would have been more fitting if Cynthia gave her thanks and also conveyed the fact that she was looking forward to hearing from the company again.

After watching my partner, the first thing that I noticed that I should have done more effectively was to set the lighting with white light. I had a yellowish tone to my face, although my face could be seen. I also, regrettably, rocked a few times during the video and this would have been distracting to the interviewer. I believe that practicing would have allowed me to rid myself of ‘umming’ during the interview. I answered the questions and I could be clearly heard, something I found effective.

Overall, I can conclude that although this video was not my worst there were better and more professional tweaks I should have done to reach my potential.

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