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The Importance of Selecting a Proper Candidate for a Company Position

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Hawaii’s unemployment rate is currently at 2.7 percent compared to the national average of 4.4 reported in June (State of Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, 2017). Being that unemployment is at a low for four consecutive months of no change, it is obvious that the market for the employable is slim. Therefore, candidates…

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The Work Ethic in the United States

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Barbara Brandt says The work ethic fosters the widely held belief that people’s work is their most important activity and that people who do not work long and hard are lazy, unproductive, and worthless. Put into my own words would conclude that the American people agree that working a lot is nothing out of the…

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Employment and Work From Home at Chick-fil-A

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Forecast-Growth For Chick-fil-A to continue to be successful, it must plan for ensuring labor employment and staff needs and growth. Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, Chick-fil-A should come up with new ways to communicate and handle customer service experiences. With that in mind, Chick-fil-A needs to “focus on innovation and to improve to serve and…

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Employment Law Policy

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Introduction Whether (and to what extent) do employers in states that have decriminalized marijuana should be able to take adverse employment action against an employee for using marijuana? Do the laws in the state level affect the policies which are implemented at local corporations? It is with great consideration that employers should take action in…

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Detailed Study on Employment Discrimination 

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Abstract This purpose of this research proposal is to replicate and extend research on employment discrimination. Gender bias is the major concern in many work places leading researchers to investigate the factors that influence the workplace decisions. Previous research has revealed, across several contexts, that stigmatized individuals are the recipients of interpersonal discrimination. It is…

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Employment Law Mechanism

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The purpose of this assignment is to have an inner view how the labor law mechanism works. Both this problem questions mainly focusing on two legislations such as Employment right act 1996 and Equality act 2010. In which it require to give advice to the respective claimant’s . Introduction As a whole these two questions…

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Reflection on Employment

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Self Reflection

What Type Of Organisation Would Most Engage and Motivate You? The organisation that would most engage and motivate me is the human relation school. The human relation school ‘focuses on the paternalistic style of management, emphasises workers social needs as the key to harmonious relation and better performance, albeit narrowly conceived’ (Bratton et al P85,…

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Relationship between Employer and Employee

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Self-consciousness is the recognition of another’s recognition of oneself. Self-consciousness cannot exist in isolation. In order to know the self, one must be able to distinguish self from what not self. It means that every self meets another to distinguish self from. One wants to be free, independent and universal, but also he needs the…

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Performance and Goals Among Employees

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Performance is the achievement of the organization relative to the defined goals. It includes the results obtained or achieved by individuals or teams contributing to the strategic goals of the organization. The success of the company depends primarily on the performance of its employees, personal performance influenced by motivation through some kind of motivation, Employees…

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Mental Health Benefit of Employment

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Mental Health


Running a household and being a parent to children can take a toll on some people because there are so many other variables an adult has to do on the daily. The purpose of this paper, according to the author, was to examine how the mental health benefits of employment change as individuals age through…

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