Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on 2016 Election

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The 2016 election was one of the most chaotic elections. The runners were narrowed down to two, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. No one liked either one of them, so no one knew who to vote for. It was basically the one you least hated that you would vote for. Both Hillary and Donald,kept digging up dirt on each other to make themselves likeable. Many people skipped out on the voting, they thought neither should win. Other people used the votes to write in someone else, many voted for Harambe (a zoo animal that had died within the election time). People were just wasting their votes and took it as a joke. It was an interesting debate to watch since both kept firing back at each other causing problems between each other.

Hillary was always hated by people many thought she was a liar, they hated her since she was the first lady in office. People were saying things such as “if she can’t satisfy her husband, what makes us think she can satisfy America,” following the public affair with her husband. Other people don’t like her since she acts like a republican, but she claims to be a democrat. Trump made remarks about everyone that made people hate him. He was known as a racist and he hated women. He was also known for committing fraud which was being under investigation, he hated many Mexicans, Blacks, and Muslims.

He would always say racist comments and even made his campaign around the idea of building a wall around the border of Mexicans, so they wouldn’t enter. He talked more about Mexicans about how they are nothing but criminals and drug lords that we allow them to enter our country and make our country look bad by allowing them to enter. He called Mexicans racist and still after all that he still had millions of supporters and some of them were Mexicans. They began having thing such as Mexicans for trump, African Americans for Trump, and Muslims for Trump, after he said the nastiest things about them, they still stuck by his side.

Trump has always called out people he doesn’t like. We basically had a twitter election both Hillary and Trump used twitter as an internet source to attract voters but as well to call each other out. This was the first election that used excessively social media to talk bad about one another, it attracted a lot of young voters and it had its positives since mostly everyone has a social media account. On June 9th Trump tweeted “Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama—but nobody else does!” Hillary fired back suggesting Trump to delete his twitter, that his tweets were irrelevant. Trump got furious and tweeted “How long did it take your staff of 823 people to think that up–and where are your 33,000 emails that you deleted?” for about everything Hillary did she would bring up her emails.

Early in the year Hillary was accused of an email scandal that involved the FBI to investigate it, for everything Trump would always bring it up. Hillary only had one downside which was the email scandals it was being investigated she explained it as well, but people were acting like she was a villain they just hated her, and trump had more things to be blamed for such as tax fraud that was never investigated and the Russian ties that still have not been investigated.

We were not just watching what Trump and Hillary were doing we were also watching their significant others. Melania Trump was called out for plagiarizing a speech of Michelle Obama and acting like it was her own, she went on stage and delivered a speech that Michelle had done a few years earlier. It was a big trend on social media, everyone found it funny and criticized Melania; so of course, Trump decided to tweet something which was “The media is spending more time doing a forensic analysis of Melania’s speech than the FBI spent on Hillary’s emails.” Clinton was acknowledged for his past with sexual harassment. Trump organized for 3 women to come for the pre-debate handshakes, those 3 women happen to be the ones who accused Clinton of sexual harassment.

Trump accused Hillary of being a bigot and this upset Hillary since it was false. Hillary never made any racist remarks and trump had. She went on and had a speech in which she claimed that Trump has white supremist on his side. She stated that he sides with the KKK klan and that they all support him. She later tweeted “there’s a reason the most hateful fringe of the right wing is supporting Donald Trump.” Trump started telling the people that Hillary said they were racist when in fact she called trump a racist not the people. She said that hillary called all of the KKK klan members and basically that Clinton hated them. Clinton started bringing up Trumps past of racial discrimination.

Hillary began by getting victims that had witnessed the horror and racist side of Trump. Hillary Clinton began by recollecting Alicia Machado events with Donald Trump. He used to be a pageant judge and he called Alicia “miss housekeeping, and miss Piggy,” just because she was a Latina. Alicia recalls her experience of working with Donald trump and the pain he caused her, she compares it to being locked up in a circus. He would humiliate her by bringing the press to see her exercise since she gained weight. Trump also had issues with a women by the name of Stormy Daniels, she claims he called her a horseface. Trump did not want Stormy to interrupt his presidential election therefore it is said that he paid her to be quiet about the sexual advancements he made on her.

Trump called Hillary a nasty woman and then Hillary posted a video which recalls events of Trump talking about how he forces himself on women. He says if they’re attractive that he will kiss them. He says he could kiss women simply because he is famous, and he talks about how women need some form of punishment. Trump has showed that he doesn’t support women and they should not lead jobs they should be housekeepers like the old days. There was another tape released by access hollywood were he was in a cabin and he can be overheard talking about how he sexually molests women and how he thinks they are useless. Women voters still stuck by his side for some reason and began holding posters that said women for Trump.

Nobody liked Trump, at least not powerful celebrities that were a huge help to Hillary’s campaign. Even the Obama family made it obvious and clear that they sided with Hillary. So many people wanted Hillary to win, they say trump as an unfit person to become president. Another reason they wanted Hillary to win, is that she would become the first female president in the united states. Many were rooting for her since she was going to become the first woman president in the United States which was really powerful for us young girls to finally see a women take the lead of a “man’s job.”

Many people didn’t want her as president because they believed it was a mans job and only a man can better and take care of our country. Beyoncé and Jay Z were some of the big artist that helped Hillary in her campaign. She had lebron James, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and more big artist. All these artist disliked Trump and they would post Hillary Clinton on their social media and urge people to vote for her. This was huge since younger generations look up to these celebrities and seeing them post about Hillary Clinton encouraged young voters to vote.

I believe using twitter was a good choice especially towards younger kids who do not have the time to watch the debates, it gives us a glimpse of what was going on within the election. Hillary and Trump were bad choices as no one liked them which made it harder for voters to vote for one. This election feared many people such as immigrants since trump threatened to remove them.

Overall I was disappointed in the 2016 election, i believe it could have been better. The candidates were not fit for the job although I did side with Hillary, Trump just brought fears into immigrants. Trump said many things he should not have said, such as the release tape were he talks about getting any girl he wants. The sexual accusations on him we’re just not right and from the beginning he should have been disqualified. This was the first election I was able to pay attention to, the last one I was too young to remember; but I definitely know that if I had the ability to vote I would have. Although I liked Hillary, considering I had no other choice, I believe there could of been a better candidate with better knowledge. I wanted Hillary to win to become the first female president. I kept up to date with social media, I would see what Hillary and Trump were saying on Twitter as well as other celebrities. I kept checking for news about the campaign and I was really interested in it especially the fact that so many new things kept coming up on Donald Trump that you’d think people would turn on him. People loved him regardless of all the horrible things he has done and said. It is crazy how some mexicans sided with him after he called them rapist and drug lords. How women stood next to him after he was accused of many rapes and harassment. How he talked bad about women in front of women yet they were still holding their Trump poster high.

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