Cyber Security: Chemical Industry as a Conducive Target

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Internet being a platform for variety of risks as it is open to all kind of users such as the spies, identity thefts, terrorists, and others with an intention for mass destruction. The industrial sector has been an influential target from the times when technology took over. Industries being a common ground for computer-controlled equipment’s and critical infrastructures are vulnerable for cyber-attacks. With the alarming increase in cyber threats major companies have started to realize that the stakes are high, and are putting in efforts to maximize cyber security.

Chemical industry persists to be sensitive towards cyber security. As the industry involves products that are highly hazardous in nature for both people and the environment, represents danger beyond the factory boundaries. The outburst of increasing terrorist’s inclinations and attacks with the intense geopolitical scenario internationally have paved way for cyber security in the chemical industry. The threats can range from loss of reputation to an extreme of interruptions in the supply chain. The best example of cyber-attack in this sector stands for the attack on German steel-mill in the year 2014, where the hackers successfully took control of the production software thereby causing sizable material damage to the site.

The developed and developing economies are unanimously surging efforts to precisely understand the cyber risks associated with their industrial activities with an aim to understand their weakness in terms of internet connection sharing (ICS) and address the issues by taking collective measures. With the chemical sector evolving drastically it is the need of the hour for the chemical sector to encourage commitments and acquiring capacity for the implementation of real-time instruction detection systems and other suitable measures.

Cyber security in the coming years will require proactive support that are vulnerably strong and long lasting with a clear aim of the standards to be achieved in the industry. High commitment of resources and collaboration between the companies to work closely in the same direction to achieve the set standards and government policies for cyber security would be a prominent step towards facing the upcoming dangers of cyber crime.


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What are major targets of cyber attacks?
The major targets of cyber attacks are government agencies, financial institutions, and large corporations. These entities possess valuable and sensitive information that can be exploited for financial gain, espionage, or disruption of operations.
What are the 5 best methods used for cyber security?
The 5 best methods used for cyber security are: 1) Using strong passwords; 2) Using a Firewall; 3) Using Anti-Virus software; 4) Using Anti-Spyware software; and 5) Keeping your operating system and software up-to-date.
What are the three main areas to be concerned about with cyber security?
The three main areas to be concerned about with cyber security are confidentiality, integrity and availability.
What type of cyber attacks targets employees today?
But now, attacks that target people, such as phishing and account compromise are two of the leading ways that cyber-criminals are scamming organizations around the world.
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