Negative Effect of Cyber Bullying

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Table of Contents

In this era people mostly share they content, their ideas, and people share some information on internet or app. Instagram is app that almost people have this app. Instagram is really popular not in this era but from the past instagram is already famous. You can find some information, post your picture, massage your friends on Instagram. So what is cyber bullying? After searching & reading some information about cyber bullying I got two answer for that question.

First one Cyber bullying is bullying that take place over digital device like cell phones, computers, and tablets. Cyber bullying can occur through SMS, Text, DM from strange people. DM is actually a massage that came from an app called Instagram, so DM is a massage from instagram application. Forums, gaming where people can view, participate in, or share content. Cyber bullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, hoax, or mean content about someone else. And for the second one cyber bullying is in a whole range off different shape and size and something totally subjective to the recipite. Ditch the label defines cyber bullying as the following.

Examples of cyber bullying include mean text or email from strange people, rumor sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embrassing picture, videos, website, or fakes profiles. There are different forms of cyber bullying. These form includes harassment, impersonation, outing, trickey, exclusion, cyber stalking, and cyber threats. Victims of cyber bullying are bullied from the moment they wake up and check their phone or laptop to the time they go to bed and shut off their devices. Ruairi Quinn, TD. Cyber bullying is different from traditional bullying due to the anonymity that the internet can provide.

People can post what they like, be who they want all behind a screen. The negative aspect about cyber bullying is that is often outside of the legal reach of school and school boards since it often happens outside of the school. Cyber bullying is one of “bullying” that every people ever had, not every people but like. Most of the people that using online app like, Instagram, twitter, path, youtube they almost got hate or mean comment, or people posting some thing bad about them, share negative information like hoax.

So how does cyber bullying begin? A big part of cyber bullying does not start out with intention to deeply hurt someone. Young people post or text or something they think is a joke or a random comment, but it may not be all that funny for the receiver. In fact, it could easily cross the line to cyber bullying. In a recent online pilot study, young people who engage in cyber bullying behaviour reported the following reasons for their action: posting without thinking they could hurt anyone (72%), to get back at someone (58%), for fun (28%), to embarrass the target (21%), to be men (14%), to show off to friends (11%), and other reasons (16%).

For now, it is important to know that cyber bullying can happen to anyone. Relatively little can be said about typical cyber target or a typical cyber bully: they can be rich kids or poor kids, left out kids or popular one. Someone who has been bullied before or someone who has never experienced violence, someone who is online much too much or someone who rarely uses technology to pass their free time by browsing and chatting, but also someone who mostly uses it for online learning, research, time management or school.

Cyber bullying can happen any time and any place, when young people come home after school and shut their front door, they are still available to become victims of cyber bullying, via text messages, internet chat room and an indefinable myriad of constantly evolving social media platforms. The anonymity of the internet has developed a psychological blank in many young people minds with regards to a separation between spoken communication and written communications. So this is the impact of cyber bullying, with the increased cruelty of cyber bullying comes a deeper impact on those involved.

The effects of cyber bullying are in many ways worse than traditional bullying, infiltrating every part of a victim’s life and causing psychological struggles. In some cases, teens have taken their own lives because they were victims of vicious cyber bullies. There’s many more of impact from cyber bullying, they may feel distracted and pre-occupied with the bullying, spending the time thinking of ways to avoid it, they may feel lack of interested and motivation due to feeling of depression or anxiety, the might avoid school, complain of regular illness or mitch from classes or activities to avoid the bullying. The anonymity that the internet afford has particular consequences.

In most cases, cyber bullies know their targets, but their victims don’t always know the identity of their cyber bullies. This can lead to suspicion and alienation among peers. Young people posting message on the internet do not feel as responsible for their actions as the might otherwise. They are not immediately confronted with the consequences of their actions and they don’t fear punished for them. The nature of the medium means digital content can be shared and seen by a very wide audience almost instantly and is almost impossible to delete permanently. Young people may not be aware that the nature of cyber bullying provides for a permanent record of the bullying offence which could impact of them in the future.

After the hurtful messages, comments or pictures have been posted recipients are likely to respond inwardly with feelings of fear, sadness, and anxiety. Even if cyberbullying is done jokingly or unintentionally, it does not change the fact that this action can deeply hurt the targeted individual. Victims can suffer because of cyber bullying long after it ends. Being bullied can lead to a lifetime of low self esteem. This may cause fatigue, insomnia and poor in school or at work. Depression is not uncommon, with come victims feeling an overall sense of hopelessness and worthlessness about their lives. Unfortunately, the long term effects of cyber bullying can become life threatening problems. Nearly 20% of cyber bullying victims report having suicidal thought. Several high-profile suicides have been blamed on cyber bullying. These tragic events have led to increasing attention on the issue, with prevention efforts becoming a priority.

Emotional and physical effect from cyber bullying, according to the web that I reed and I observe, victims of cyber bullying can have lasting emotional , concentration and behaviour issues. These problems many bleed into their social lives, as they encounter more trouble getting along with others. They experience trust issues and are more likely to abuse alcohol or drugs at an earlier age. Victim of cyber bullying can develop dangerous stigmas, and experience harmful shame from their peers. Despite not being threatened physically, victims of cyber bullying still suffer from physiology symptoms. They report frequent headaches and stomach pain that are often associated with nervousness. They may also turn to self-harm, including cutting or damaging their skin with razor blades.

Who is at risk? This mean that it is quite likely that someone might become involved in cyber bullying: either as a target, as a bully or as a bystander. In the last subchapter, we already mentioned some things that might put someone at risk of or protect them from bullying or cyber bullying. I will show you some case from cyber bullying.

The first one is “12 years old arrested for cyber bullying in connection with suicide of 12 years old girl” PANAMA CITY, Florida two 12 years old in florida were arrested for cyber bullying in connection with death of a middle school student who police say hanged herself two weeks ago. So in this case 12 years old girls being bullying, police did not release the names of the two children who were arrested because they are minors. The investigator were made of the potential cyber bullying against the girl while looking into the death, police said the suspects did not notify any adult or authority about green’s state of mind.

The two children arrested also acknowledged that their conduct was directed at green. Even so police said the investigation did not reveal that the cyber bullying caused the girls death, just that it was happening in the day and weeks leading up to it. School officials said they are making counsellors available at surfside for students, faculty and staff. Police said that during the investigation, they discovered several middle school children with unrestricted and unmonitored access to social media apps, and said the department will hold a training in the coming weeks for parent about how to manage this access.

The second case about cyber bullying is “Cyber bullying Tragedy: New Jersey Family to Sue after 12 years old daughter suicide” 12 years old children from new jersey family who took her own life after being administrators were negligent in preventing abuse that led to their daughter’s death. Dianne Grossman said when the school failed to stop the harassment towards her daughter, Mallory, she even tried approaching one alleged bully’s parent, begging the woman to ensure her child would stop. During the conference, the Grossmans’ lawyer, Bruce Nagel, said the family is filing an intent to sue Rockaway School District and all the administrators who “ignored months of pleas” from the family.

The third one is “Cyber bullying pushed Texas teen to commit suicide”, Texas Family members of a Houston-area high school student who killed herself are rallying for tighter laws against cyberbullying. Brandy Vela’s family says cyberbullying pushed the 18-year-old over the edge, leading her to shoot herself in the chest Tuesday afternoon at the family’s Texas City home as family members watched. Her father, Raul Vela, said she had been receiving abusive text messages for months from bullies using an untraceable smartphone application. Her father said someone made a fake Facebook page of her, creating another cyberbullying medium.

The role of therapy, because traditional bullying was a long history, it has been rare for victims or bullies to receive therapy or counselling. But when given the opportunity, therapists have profoundly improved the lives of all parties in the situation. Professionals are beginning to use cognitive behaviour therapy to help both victims and bullies understand their thoughts and feelings. How to stop cyber bullying and how does it end ? as cyberbullying has grown, so have calls for prevention and legislation to address it. Groups of concerned parents across the country want to help youth understand the dangers of cyberbullying and its often unintended consequences. Some have even suggested making cyberbullying a crime, especially in extreme cases that lead to harm. However, the best way to prevent cyberbullying begins on the ground with the youth involved.

Cyberbullying might die out on its own in time. However, if not stopped, cyberbullying can go on for a long time, and due to its public and viral nature, it can be especially damaging. Prolonged exposure can lead to serious consequences, so it is not advisable to wait. Cyberbullying often stops only through the involvement of outside support, either by contacting the social media used that takes down the offending content and informs the cyberbully of the consequences or through parental and teacher involvement. After the cyberbullying has stopped, follow-up work needs to be done with targets of cyberbullying as well as the bullies. Targeted young people need support to work through feelings of embarrassment, shame, guilt, fear, isolation, sadness and anxiety. Counselling is often useful.

Cyberbullies, on the other hand, need to be shown the impact of their action and strengthen their social and communication skills, moral reasoning, empathy and conflict resolution skills. Non-judgemental and restorative approaches have been shown effective to stop cyberbullies repeat their behaviour.


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