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The Importance of Using Secure E-mail and How to Use PGP and S/MIME Technology to Send Secure Emails

Digital gadgets and IoT devices including our laptops, mobiles, tablets and smart watches etc. have become a part of our lifestyle. Not a day passes by when we do not use some type of technologically equipped device or service. As digital transformation is driving the technology industry the need for digital security and privacy protection…

Identity Theft,


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The Main Goal of Lucky Clover Bank Is to Protect Customer Information

Lucky Clover is on a mission to change the traditional way of banking. Lucky Clover Corp. was established in the 1980s, expanded into retail banking in early 2000s to reduce its dependency on credit cards from approximately 90% to 50%. Lucky Clover Bank is a medium to large sized US bank with its total assets…




Identity Theft

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Identity Theft as a Cyber Crime

In today’s society of technology, everything is online. The ability to buy, sell, and share has never been easier. Banking accounts and personal information is now stored by computer programs instead of pen and paper. However, it has also never been easier for criminals to get access to these accounts and private information. Crimes that…

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Identity Theft

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Identity Theft in Social Media

Introduction Over the last decade, the virtual world of Social Media has seen great innovations. From the days, when websites only offered limited amount of instant messaging and social networking, the Social Media has matured into a much more sophisticated world where everything seems to be just a touch away. The introduction of fully developed…

Identity Theft,

Social Media

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Identity Theft: “An Unending Fraud”

The main concern for many Americans, now a day is the constant worry of Identity Theft. With our increase in technology, Identity Theft can start with common and simple tasks we do on a daily basis, such as making a purchase at a supermarket or a department store, pumping gas at a Gas station, whether…

Cyber Crime,

Identity Theft

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